a honest displeasure

a honest displeasure

i got to much time on my hands i wanna try to write to express some of my frustration i am a poet by no means so if its bad i understand<3

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The Sad And Rotting Heart

The Sad And Rotting Heart

there once was a man with a rotting heart
he wondered if from the world he'd part
he live and pain but loved his sweetheart

she neglected his love a love so gay
his heart became sunken and grey
yet he will live to rot another day

he walks alone in the street
"where is my love" he'd entreat
with pain to share and hurting feet

he hates to live but rejects defeat
for he can still hear his hearts beat
and slowly he began to speak

"untill i rot to my bone
my love for you is never gone
untill that day my heart shall groan
and i shall rot in this home".
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