i exist and i hate it
im with you everyday yet, i always miss you and i wonder do you miss me like i miss you
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a honest displeasure
i got to much time on my hands i wanna try to write to express some of my frustration i am a poet by no means so if its bad i understand<3
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For those that play FFXIV, what would be some of your favorite vistas from the South Shroud? (coordinates plz)
I am doing an extensive project in ffxiv right now where I am hunting for the best and often times overlooked vistas in hopes of re-capturing the old zones of ARR in a lovely new light! So if anyone has any coordinates they wou...
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on November 03, 2019
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Just Poems And Stuff
self explanatory~ this is just a place I type down random thoughts and the like for all the see~ feel free to comment as it shows at least some people are interested~
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on November 03, 2019