A song i made

ENJOY!! I made these lyrics all by myself and the song is called My Starlight

published on June 08, 202112 reads 12 readers 2 completed


I'm ready tonight underneath the bright lights Many people say im creepy...creepy....they say i creep to your window at nightttt~ Nighttttt! Woahhhhhh~Yeah! Yeah! Ohhhhhhhh!~ Your my starlight,underneath the bright lights at night!! Ohhhhwoahhhh~ I am not afraid of all the bad things that might happen!! Oops!! Drop there drop that!! I am underneath the bright lights!! So your my starlight!!! So your my starlight!!                                                                                                                    iujdfkioebn vjkiw2nb denvjkiofpe2ikjnhb  ofkjvhrioeh90eiuhve9uohjbn   iogfkjrieop32qwhguiq1        `jhqbn vasxchjidsowkjnbs djifd ifogvjbufewifovgjfnewjewiof i ofv xkjcdwqop ikjnejkwoeki jn djfdemk1,`lv kfennmkl bovjiufkeowpfjhkplONJkopwedzbxn cvmkvnmvkoclvkmn vjk,loldkfmn vkcncmkdmcn njkokmn vncmkofdkmn cvnkm nmlo k,mb,klvf,m
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Comments (2)

Is this like one lyric? or All to together? Also what are the vocals?
on June 09, 2021
This is a good set of Lyrics get some music behind it and add some more lyrics and you got a cool song
on June 08, 2021