Book of Science Poems

This is a group of poems that I had to do for a project for my science teacher.

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Science Poems

The Sorrowful Glacier

The sorrowful glacier
trapped in its prison of stone
patiently waiting
for the pressure to build up underneath it
to a point so it will be able to break free at last.

For months it has waited
for the snows to build
and now it is time.

Time to start slowly moving down

Down the face of the mountain
destroying anything in its path
slowly, ever so slowly
it tears apart the mountainside
leaving erosion in its wake.

For a while
it slides across the countryside
causing erosion by ice
and using its tremendous force to tear apart the land.

This is the sorrowful glacier
so lonely
it recedes back up
back up to its mountain prison
waiting until it can be free again.

(I use Erosion by Ice when I do my work.)

The Gentle Breeze That Can Be So Fierce

I am the gentle breeze on a warm summer day
I am the force that erodes the surface of buildings away
I am everywhere
yet nowhere.

By using my agents
Sedimentation and Deposition
I can do many things
like create humongous sandstorms
and cover entire cities in sand.

The places I tend to strike
are where there’s little or no plants to stop me
by holding the dirt in place
like deserts, beaches, and sometimes...
riversides and.

I wear away at buildings.
To polish or demolish,
thats my motto.

Humans can do some things to prevent what I do
by putting up retaining walls and building fences
around their buildings.

But never
never ever
can they truly stop me.

(Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!)
I would never be able to do what I do without Mechanical and Chemical Weathering.
They are my buddies.

P.S.                The humans have labeled me Erosion by Wind.
P.P.S                Can I demolish your house?
P.P.PS        Just kidding!!!!
The Speedy River
The speedy river
so fast
so ferocious
erodes away the shore
and takes it far
far away.

Using Erosion by Water
it keeps flowing
steadily flowing
washing away the shore.

The Lakeside

Using Erosion by Waves I erode away the lakeshore
leaving the shore bare and treeless.

If you cut down trees or shrubs around the lake
you will really help me on my journey
on the path of erosion.

The only ways you can help prevent what I do
are to plant vegetation
to build a stone wall along the shore.

But whatever you do
whatever you try
you will never slip my eye!!!

(If I had one!!!)

Glossary: (words you will saw in the text that you probably didn’t know)

Sedimentation:                When something in nature, such as a grain of sand or a rock, is broken down over time, carried by the wind, and deposited elsewhere.
Deposition:                        Deposition is literally when sediments are deposited by wind erosion.
Mechanical Weathering:                When a sediment comes into contact with something like water or heat and is eroded away by just that... no movement whatsoever. Example: If a rock was dropped into a volcano and melted.
Chemical Weathering:                When sediments come into contact with a chemical and the chemical erodes the sediment away.
Glacier:                A glacier forms by snow piling up over time and causing tremendous pressure to build underneath it. If it forms on top of a mountain, it slides down the mountain, eroding the land underneath it. It is very deadly, and can kill or demolish anything in its path.
Erosion by waves:                The waves of a lake, ocean, or maybe a river wash up against the shore and erode away at it.
Erosion by water:                If the water is heading downstream, the water will erode the riverside and the riverbed just because of the gravitational pull.
Erosion by ice (or a glacier):                Sometimes, water can get into small cracks in the rock, freeze, and literally erode the rock from the inside until it breaks.
Erosion by wind:                When wind carries the sedimentation and it comes across a building, the wind will either demolish the building if it is not made of stone, or it will polish the stone building so it is very shiny.
Erode/Erosion:                When something like waves washes up against something like a lakeshore, little by little it almost eats away at the dirt and rock until there’s nothing left.
Tremendous:                enormous
Demolish:                destroy
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Yes I made all of these, and thank you. I made these last year. I love science too!
on March 29, 2014
Did you make all of these? They're awesome! I LOVE science a lot too! It's my favorite subject!
on March 29, 2014
on March 24, 2014
on March 09, 2014