A Lemon Tart Disaster

A Lemon Tart Disaster

This story is different from my others. It is geared toward the younger crowd, so I think some of you will like it but if you don't, that is most likely the reason.

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A Lemon Tart Disaster

It was a crisp, clear autumn night and Kiarra was walking along the streets of Smileyberg, waiting for her four sisters to show up. They should have been there ten minutes ago. Linet was usually on time, and was only late if something important came up. Helena was the same way, unless she got lost in a book or lost track of time while working on a particularly challenging word problem. Dainiee was usually always late, for one reason or another, so Kiarra wasn’t particularly worried if she showed up late.

Tera on the other hand almost always arrived on time.
Kiarra became really worried after a half and hour had passed. Where is everyone? They should be here by now. At that moment a candy shop caught her eye. It wasn’t the candy shop itself that had gotten her attention, but the lemon tart in the window. She adored lemon tarts, and they were kind of rare in candy stores. Kiarra ran to the window, but she was going so fast and she didn’t remember there was a step near the front door before it was too late. She tripped, and fell flat on her face. By now, people were staring at her, but she didn’t care. In fact, she probably wouldn’t have cared if a UFO landed right in front of her.

Walking up to the candy store owner, Kiarra sang in a high-pitched girly-girl voice, “How much is that lemon tart in the window?”
The owner, a guy named Bob, replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t have any more lemon tarts, because Gold-Tooth Jack stole them all. You know, the weird one that lives in a cardboard box in that back alley a ways down from the Mayor’s house.”

Kiarra thanked Bob for his information and went to get her mother, the Mayor. When she arrived at her mother’s mansion, she asked the guard at the gate where her mother was, and he told her that she was in the living room. Kiarra dashed off to the living room, and found her mother in a really awkward yoga position. She patiently waited until her mother was finished before telling her of the candy store’s predicament. “We must do something to help them, they are the only candy store in town. Plus, if one of our citizens is in trouble, we are obliged to help in whatever way we can.”

Her mother, Sophia, smirked, “True, but they are my citizens, not yours. Anyway, I will do everything I can to help them.” Mumbling under her breath, she added, “I just knew Gold-Tooth Jack was trouble. I should have listened to Arthur.”

Just then, Kiarra’s sisters walked in. They had wondered what was going on and where Kiarra was. She explained what was happening, and they all wanted to help. Sophia said that they had to find Gold-Tooth Jack before he caused any more trouble, so they all set off for the creepy and dark alley that Jack lived in.

They went into the alley in groups of two: Kiarra and Sophia first; Linet and her boyfriend Gareth second; Helena and her boyfriend Drake third; Tera and Dainiee last. The group of eight scoured the entire alley and didn’t find anything. “Where can he be?” asked
Linet. “He has to be around here somewhere.”

Everyone paced, deep in thought, before Drake thought of something, “Hey, what about that old storage building that Buck-Eyed Bill used to use as a base before he was caught. That would easily hold a huge amount of lemon tarts.”

“Drake, that’s brilliant!” Helena exclaimed, hugging him excitedly. “We’ll head there right now.”

Sophia drove the group over to the storage building, and looked in the window. “He’s definitely in there, I can see a multitude of lemon tarts. They called Sheriff McGonagall and he arrested Jack. Smileyberg was a happy town again, and it was full of lemon tarts.

The End!!!!!
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