Fiction and Nonfiction
Cool Grandpa
Crappy fanfic about my baton twirling instructors. A party between several college band kids. What could go wrong? (iM SORRY)
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Basically something my friends and I sent to my B/D
We all know about how my band director got really sick so my friends and I sent him a thing and he didn’t listen to our advice Basically our whole lives in a nutshell.
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Strangest warrior cat story ever.
This story is so so so strange, I don't even know why I made it. Wow. still not enough space.
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Simon Stuarts is in a coma. He has been for the past three months now. Ever since being involved in his grandfather’s car accident, Simon hasn’t done as much as opened his eyes. He just slumbers restlessly in the white hospital...
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Morwenna McCallister and the Hooting Fox
Witches be crazy, including the one residing within Grizedale Forest. That hag stole Morwenna's precious toy bunny and plans on keeping it caged!
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Dobby and Creature
This is a made up story about two cats that my family and I fostered for awhile. All of the events are true except their thoughts and words (being that no cat can talk and it is impossible to know exactly what they are thinking...
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The Battle of the Cats and Dogs
For a long time, a pack of wild dogs and a colony of feral cats have lived in peace in different areas. As their groups grow, they need more territory. Eventually they run into each other and have a massive battle...
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The Story of the Kittens
In this ongoing series, read about a colony of fun-loving feral kittens that have many adventures.
22 reads 6 readers 8 by MissMerlin
Cherry Creek Animal Shelter
There's an animal shelter by Cherry Creek! As Jane tries to get the dogs and cats adopted, she has many adventures.
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One Shots
This is literally just a collection of those 'Alex and Roger' one shots. Enjoy.
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Marvin Adventure 2
A parody story written by Marvin and Corbijn. 50 years after a giant floating number 5 in space is shut down, a mysterious brown hedgehog(?) is causing trouble, and Marvin's the one paying for it. Who's the brown dude? How did...
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The Entire Bee Movie Script (1)
The moving script of the Bee Movie is now on Qfeast. May these words touch every heart and grip every soul with it's cloud soft hands..
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A Cat called Ugly
Ugly was a stray cat who lived outside an apartment complex. He liked three things: fighting, eating trash, and love. ((Warning: Animal neglect))
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About Animal Jam
Animal Jam is an online game where you play as an animal. You can dress your animal up, decorate your den, participate in Adventures or mini-games, purchase pets, add buddies, and more. This story will give you AJ advice and te...
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The Devil Lured You In
Have you ever wondered why we do bad things? Why we didn't choose to forever be with Satan? Do you ever wonder what it was like in the spirit world? With Satan? Well, these are the made-up battles of God and Satan, Enjoy!
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Harry Potter Steps
Ravenclaw's in 1, Slytherin's in 2, Gryffindor's in 3, Hufflepuff's in 4, Beuxbaton's in 5 and Durmstrang's in 6.Hope You Enjoy This. Bye bye bye
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All about me! (2)
well I am getting a lot of people wanting to know more about me so that is why I am writing this book, hope you enjoy!
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5 Funny Stories
This is a selection of 5 funny stories I thought you guys might like and comment down below if you want this to be a series! Love you guys and as crit!
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forgotten sadness
two teddy bears are forgotten by their owners and meet in the place all teddies go when they aren't loved anymore
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Riverclan story
I'm just doing stories for now because I'm great at stories. More coming when I have the ability. Maybe a chapter a day.
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