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ask grey the gay hater questions
heh ima be here for 10 to ball answering all your questions heh if you hate gay people give me a call at fag blaster 3000
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Nirankari Seeds- Best online seeds Stores in India
Finding the best website for vegetable seeds enhances your gardening experience. For top-quality crop and fodder seeds, check out specialized online seed stores in India. These platforms offer a wide range of seeds for both com...
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Exciting News: Bachpan Dwarka Play School Admission Now Open!
Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of early childhood education? Look no further because Bachpan Play School in Dwarka has opened its doors for admissions, welcoming eager young minds into its nurturing environ...
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Safeguarding Childhood: A Call to Action for Every Parent
Looking for reliable childcare in the UK? Our nannies provide top-notch care, ensuring your child's safety and well-being while you're busy. Don't stress about finding the right caregiver—book a nanny today and enjoy peace of m...
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Angry birds
this is an epic story about awesome birds who are angry and gay. their dialogue is riveting and will make you cry
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The First Winter
Listen, children, here is the story of the first winter. Once upon a time long long ago, before the lines between gods and mortals became clear, there was a little girl. This little girl was cast out by her family, by her com...
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The wonderus world of KK in The cat-astrophe!
i was bored so i made a children's story and its forcing me to write more words so imma say beware the ohio butthole tickling bandit also here's a preview of ch.1
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the bacon
a tale of giving and taking and how to separate between them, there is no way to have one thing take it and let all be happy
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Finding a good coursework writing service
Blog about Finding a good coursework writing service. Forging a dissertation is an academic crime, and if caught, it can result in you losing your entire degree. Even if you submitted your assignments on your own, you could st...
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cum an balls
duck balls cum an cock and balls lol ha ha funny nuts 69 420 i love funny balls and nuts
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Grey Diary
this grey diary, i might post everyday or might not, its hard to say, so yea here da grey stuff
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GreyFromOkays Wisdom
this will show everyone my immense wisdom for i am just so so intelegent, everyone should follow and live by what i have to say
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high society !
the misadventures of four high school seniors who like to do illegal things!
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Clown.Boy update!!
I made a new account because my computer broke and I forgot how to log in. If you couldn’t tell, it’s me, Devin or John. There’s a lot that’s happened so I made this so anyone that cares could catch up and be updated.
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Hujle Highschool
Hujle looks like an average redditor but he is actually a Russian hacker who has took his hackings to the next level by making a school almost full of robots.
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last man standing gc:
a group chat between chester garfield, frankie may, and chuck letterman. three besties who are in a band. what kind of shenanigans will happen
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mha nsfw story >.<
some cute sexy hma nsfw stories bc thats so cute and quirky to write omg
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Loe Mole Farm
The Loe family Co decide to make a farm until they discover more terrors.
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the bathroom key vol.5
im sorry that i made this one late so here we go by nezuko_mha\me\melody ember pendley
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the bathroom key vol.4
by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley enjoy this book i have no more to say.
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