Fiction and Nonfiction
The wonderus world of KK in The cat-astrophe!
i was bored so i made a children's story and its forcing me to write more words so imma say beware the ohio butthole tickling bandit also here's a preview of ch.1
5 reads 4 readers 6
the bacon
a tale of giving and taking and how to separate between them, there is no way to have one thing take it and let all be happy
9 reads 3 readers 1
Finding a good coursework writing service
Blog about Finding a good coursework writing service. Forging a dissertation is an academic crime, and if caught, it can result in you losing your entire degree. Even if you submitted your assignments on your own, you could st...
9 reads 9 readers 2
cum an balls
duck balls cum an cock and balls lol ha ha funny nuts 69 420 i love funny balls and nuts
12 reads 8 readers 1
Grey Diary
this grey diary, i might post everyday or might not, its hard to say, so yea here da grey stuff
79 reads 12 readers 6
GreyFromOkays Wisdom
this will show everyone my immense wisdom for i am just so so intelegent, everyone should follow and live by what i have to say
41 reads 9 readers 1
high society !
the misadventures of four high school seniors who like to do illegal things!
87 reads 16 readers 29
Clown.Boy update!!
I made a new account because my computer broke and I forgot how to log in. If you couldn’t tell, it’s me, Devin or John. There’s a lot that’s happened so I made this so anyone that cares could catch up and be updated.
13 reads 9 readers 7
Hujle Highschool
Hujle looks like an average redditor but he is actually a Russian hacker who has took his hackings to the next level by making a school almost full of robots.
8 reads 5 readers 0
last man standing gc:
a group chat between chester garfield, frankie may, and chuck letterman. three besties who are in a band. what kind of shenanigans will happen
17 reads 10 readers 0
mha nsfw story >.<
some cute sexy hma nsfw stories bc thats so cute and quirky to write omg
31 reads 26 readers 0
Loe Mole Farm
The Loe family Co decide to make a farm until they discover more terrors.
14 reads 7 readers 1
the bathroom key vol.5
im sorry that i made this one late so here we go by nezuko_mha\me\melody ember pendley
3 reads 3 readers 0
the bathroom key vol.4
by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley enjoy this book i have no more to say.
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the bathroom key vol.3
writing this seires is a pain in the neck by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley
1 read 1 reader 0
the bathroom key vol.2
doing 20 words is a pain in the neck by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley enjoy
2 reads 1 reader 0
the bath room key vol.1
meet the family. hope you enjoy by nezuko_mha\melody ember pendley. doing 20 words is a pain in the neck
3 reads 1 reader 0
uboa wife biol analshis
this is uboa wife bio analsiis slash lucka wife slash mkdm drago made lucoa
12 reads 10 readers 3
jean loves frankie with all of her heart, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay.
10 reads 8 readers 0
hey yokoonit lets play a fun game
if you’re yokoono or whatever or any of their pedophile friends read this story it’s for you
21 reads 14 readers 0