Hujle Highschool

Hujle Highschool

Hujle looks like an average redditor but he is actually a Russian hacker who has took his hackings to the next level by making a school almost full of robots.

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It was a basic day at Hujle High. Hujle decided to monitor the classes very closely. He was the teacher for every class, but he wouldn't really teach. So he had backup teachers.

Hujle and Alex walked down the hallway. "We should stilo up into this room" Alex pointed to Loeshins double block ELAR/Qfeast class. They took a step inside. Loeshin was discussing Legacy and was preparing the class for a Legacy quiz. "So that's how the entire cast of Legacy turned into a smoker hole! Now take out your notes and begin this quiz!" The class began working. "Hmm.. Seems fine. These little slurs are getting their work done pretty well, Let's check another class." Hujle opened the door for Alex and followed behind her.

Hujle and Alex walked into Twitter class. Hujle proceeded to examine their tweets. He approached his favorite- Well- Ex favorite femboy student, Canto. Canto stopped being his favorite after they started failing twt class. "Canto, Why are you not tweeting?" Hujle said sternly. "Because I Feel like laying down dead." Canto responded. "Tch. Once I'm finished with you after school, you won't even be able to sit at your desk. You'll have to stand up and tweet." The Russian hacker shook his head. Canto faked cried and did the lips pose. The bell rang for lunch.

Hujle and Alex made their way to the cafeteria. They stepped in and saw Alaric making grilled cheese. Hujle studied the food. There was a brown stain on one of the sandwiches. "What is this?" He asked Alaric. "Oh sorry those are just my smole elements that dropped. All they do is make you grow mini moles" Hujle then took one last look and left.

The two made their way towards drivers ed class. Chip was teaching the students how to drive. Hujle left a while after and entered Idiot's sex ed class. He took a seat. Alex stood next to him, taking notes. "Okay bishes-" "Ahem." Hujle interrupted. "This is highly inappropriate. You do not call students 'Bishes'. If you want to insult them, Call them slurs. Now return to teaching." Alex documented this in her journal. "Okay so today we are gonna be teaching you guys about cheating and I have a special guest- Hyun! uwu" Idiot brought in Hyun. "Ahem! When did I ever say it was okay to bring in VOLUNTEERS? And this class is to teach people about slur sex! Not CHEATING!" Hujle was very angry. Alex quickly wrote notes. "Bish- Wh-" "You're FIRED! I have had ENOUGH with you! SLUR!" Hujle burnt Idiot to a crisp along with Hyun. "Alex, teach this class until we find a replacement." Hujle left Alex to teach sex ed. Alex jotted down some notes before teaching.

Hujle was so angry. He made his way to the principals office. He opened the door and saw Ryan, the assistant principal. "Hujle! What happened, my slur!" Ryan approached him. "Just upset about Idiot.. That slur!" Hujle exclaimed. Ryan was about to give Hujle a slur kiss before Mark, the janitor walked in. "Hujle! Chip is copying your hacking skills!" "He's WHAT! I guess he wants to pull an Idiot and get fired too!" Before he could go into Chip's class, A group of robots came in and dabbed. "What is it with you now!?" Hujle was so mad. He started sweating. Not because he was upset, but because he did the fatass challenge on reddit so every time he got mad he would lose weight from throwing a fit. "A new school called App Guy school was opened and a few robots from our school have transferred." The dabbing robots said in sync before dabbing once more. "Get Alex! We are leaving to see this slur school RIGHT NOW!" Hujle stormed out of his school.

Hujle and Alex approached App Guy school. Hujle walked in and saw Damien and Mkd. "Not them! Not these slurs again!" Hujle stomped. Alex jotted a few notes. "Hey Hujle!" Mkd waved. "Why do you do this! First Loeshins companies, NOW MY SLUR SCHOOL!?" He yelled. "Because you're bad people" Damien said. App guy approached Hujle. "Soooooo why are you here?" He asked. "Apparently they're taking my slur business!" Hujle said. "Well, Our school is better." App guy said. "Can we take a tour? I need to stilo up some notes." Alex asked. "Sure. Just look around." "Yay! We get to join" Alex said.

Alex and Hujle peered into the classes. There were 5 students in the class. “Are you for real? They have OTHER RPG people in this class!? That’s supposed to be my thing!!” Hujle looked at Mary and Ines. “And there are puppets here!” Alex looked at Elmo and Chelli. “Wait- Is that one of our robots?!” Hujle took a look at his clone. Alex angrily wrote notes. Coach Z swung open the door. “Why are you peering into my class?” Coach Z asked. “Because! You have stole my robots!” Hujle exclaimed. “Big fat barls in muh” Coach Z said before Hujle moved him aside and entered the room. The room was a half music room, Half gym, and just a half normal classroom. Hujle examined every part of the room. He made his way to the music room part and saw Rowlf playing piano. “You are the one who killed Loeshins chicks!” Hujle pointed to Rowlf. “They just got in the way” Rowlf said. Hujle stomped his foot. Alex wrote notes. They made their way towards the other part of the room and saw Seiko, Poniko, and Madotsuki. “For real? Wait.. You are from Yume Nikki!” Hujle got excited. They just ignored him. “Yo, they don’t wanna talk to you” Seiko said. “Yes they do! I am the Yume Nikki official shitposter! They do like me and think I am awesome!” Hujle said. They all shook their heads. Hujle got angry. All of a sudden, A fish came in. “Hey I’m Coach Mandela” He said. “Where did Coach Z go?” Alex took a look back at her notes and everything about Coach Z was changed to Coach Mandela. “There’s never been a Coach Z.” Coach Mandela said. “Perhaps this is a mandela effect… Let me stilo this up” Alex documented this mandela effect into her journal. “Yeah there’s never been a Coach Z. There is a man named Coach Z who is currently on house arrest right now for trying to attack me for taking his job, Even though I’ve worked here all along.” “I could’ve sworn there was a Coach Z! He said ‘Big fat barls in muh’! How can you forget!?” Hujle said. “No that was me.” Coach Mandela argued. Everyone in the whole room was confused by this. “Whatever! I need to talk to Damien and Mkd this instant!” Hujle yelled. “You can’t. They don’t work here anymore.” Coach Mandela said. “What! Wait- Where is everyone else?!” Hujle said. Everyone had turned into Coach Mandela- But different variations. “What’s happening!” Alex wrote notes quickly. “This is called the 1212 eff-” “I DONT CARE!” Hujle was getting mad and perplexed. “Alex! We need t-” Hujle looked at Alex. She was Coach Mandela. He looked down at himself and he was Dead Mandela.

That’s how Coach Mandela took over the world.
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