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I Do What Is Enough For You (preview)
So many people struggle with identity, depression, and anxiety plus many other things. Based on my experiences and fear that I have, I decided to make a story based off of this! Though, this is only a preview to see what people...
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Judgement of Sins - Incomplete
Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, these are reason for why 14 people are put into a game of life and death. Who will live who will die? You'll just have to see... Please, comment how you felt about the story an...
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What is Life?
Life! is Life! Life! is Sad! Life! is Happy! Life! is Love! Life! is Life!
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Uneasy: The First Killing
Who is the killer? And how will Seikatsu find out? All questions will be answered in the next book!!!
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Twins of Destiny
This is a story about two twins who were separated at birth for a mysterious reason but when they finally reunite, someone is out to bring them down. *** this is a work in progress so please don't judge me to harshly!
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The Silent Orchestra
It's been seven years since Alexandria has seen her best friend. Ever since, she's been searching, but with no avail. During her travels, she falls for a strange soldier, clad in red, black, and gold. There's something strange ...
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Secret Life
this is about a teenage girl that is a vampire and a girl! she doesn't tell anyone but her friends...then she finds out a odd thing she never knew...
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Catching Roses
Jessica Holister is probably one of the smartest in the world- nicknamed by the media "Sherlock Holmes", with her identity remaining a secret. And her past, what she thought became gone, was back.
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Blind to the darkness
Cold it was so cold, dark it was so dark. Even though being blind she saw none of this she saw her friend. Staggering with pain in her joints blood seeped into her clothes darkness and pain in her eyes.
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Meeting A Familiar Stranger~ MG2
So, this is a continuation of the first one. Hope you like it, and please tell me what you think in the comments. Any suggestions or anything on the story is welcomed.
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21 Days
Lilac and Ruby have come down with a deadly disease. They only have 21 days left to live. Their parents, Sapphire and Surge and Maria and Ruby, have to face the fact that they might not have their daughters for much longer. Wil...
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Enchanted by the night
You were normal you kept telling yourself. But truly who are you. Do you know yourself truly?
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Dipper's Depression
Hey all! It was late at night when I decided to write this, so, it's a very terribly idea, and probably the worst story I have ever written. There's gonna be Dipper x Everyone. Yes, even with guys. No lemon. No one hundred perc...
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All Hope Lost
All hope is lost. Keisha is missing. So is Carter. And Mia. Vincent doesn't know what to do, so he takes a job at the place they are most likely to be: Keisha's Party Center. He helped build the animatronics in there, he even n...
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Summer Camp Story
I made this story before but due to mainly my pure laziness I didn't finihs it so this is a remake! I want to thank: @Chocolate_And_Cheese, @Lady_Artems, @Noko_The_Chocolatey_Neko, @Rebel_Assasin, @Yamilettethehedgehog101, @Kin...
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Meet Charity and franabell Orphans until one day.. Will they all change or will they die trying... Falling.
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A lost Hope...
Angel and Deamon, never will be united to bring peace... Will it?. The forces are broken, until-... No one is safe. Yes even you
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"I fell down. I fell in love with your Broken, beautiful Soul"... Tears will fall, so will this young child..
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Mirrored Shadows
How could this happen... How did I?.. Why... Nothing matters anymore I I, am I dead?...
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