A lost Hope...

A lost Hope...

Angel and Deamon, never will be united to bring peace... Will it?. The forces are broken, until-... No one is safe. Yes even you

published on October 23, 20169 reads 7 readers 0 not completed

She wolf

Her eyes opened to broken misplaced world. Cracked my phone #Random. It was dusk, the sky darkened. The She wolf's red eyes glowed in the dark as She padded out of her cave into the forest. Trees covered the now dark sky the vines twisted and curled around reaching for the sky.                                                                                                                                            
My steps were quick and silent across the lush green grass. The moon just came into view, my black fur hid me in the trees. Scents were muddled and fragile, I was to be careful of who I trust. "Pack wolves" I breathed as I walked towards the pack territory I invited myself in. "Ravena, what a lovely surprise!" A male wolf walked up to me. I said nothing and kept walking. To be honest  I didn't know what I was doing but I kept walking. The moon climbed higher and higher in the sky and little stars twinkled. ''I heard there was this mysterious white wolf walking around, and I mean like he was super cute" "hey girls!" I said and nuzzled them, they did back. "Soo wassup?" "Well as we were talking about, there was this wolf and--" she was cut off by the sound of a gun shot. "Whelp I Got to go" I ran out the territory towards the sound. My paws touched and left the ground as I rushed faster and faster to see. A howl arose in the eerie mist covored land. "It's human, hunting night! Run!!" The message was clear but still seemed weird. "Hey watch it" I didn't realise I had walked straight into another wolf.  He stared at my red eyes and I returned the gaze at his white fur and bright blue eyes. "Uhhh hi I'm Ra---" "Ravena? I heard about this stupid black wolf called Ravena at my pack" I growled and swiped a paw across his leg letting the vain cry blood down his leg. "Don't mess with me" I growled he stood there staring at me like 'what?!!!!' We were as different as day and night it self...
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