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Blind to the darkness
Cold it was so cold, dark it was so dark. Even though being blind she saw none of this she saw her friend. Staggering with pain in her joints blood seeped into her clothes darkness and pain in her eyes.
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Enchanted by the night
You were normal you kept telling yourself. But truly who are you. Do you know yourself truly?
10 reads 7 readers 3 by WolfRavena_CharaLover_UT_FNAF
Glowing in the Dark
So different, yet the same... in this world of mortals there's always a missing peice...
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Song Writers (read description )
Hoi~ do you have trouble writing songs? Well not anymore, I made this to help people, basically it has a bunch of lyrics for songs. Hope you like!
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Welcome a new adventure to your heart with this: A White flash and the was gone, she remembered not much but yet a single flake of her memory remanded.
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Meet Charity and franabell Orphans until one day.. Will they all change or will they die trying... Falling.
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A lost Hope...
Angel and Deamon, never will be united to bring peace... Will it?. The forces are broken, until-... No one is safe. Yes even you
16 reads 8 readers 2 by WolfRavena_CharaLover_UT_FNAF
My pain was growling at me trying desperately to escape. I smashed my fist against the wall again. And again, angry at what seemed mother to most but the pain was did not go unseen..
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Call the guardians of the Tails, we need to fix this... I new this world would never be the same... (I redid the cover image, then it was over 6 mb)
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"I fell down. I fell in love with your Broken, beautiful Soul"... Tears will fall, so will this young child..
16 reads 12 readers 4 by WolfRavena_CharaLover_UT_FNAF
The taste of loneliness
Close your eyes. Forget the pain, you are forgotten you will never get the one thing you want. Shadows lurk, wandering everywhere. Looking for someone to devour... Leaving nothing but cold blooded killers...
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Mirrored Shadows
How could this happen... How did I?.. Why... Nothing matters anymore I I, am I dead?...
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Something in the mist
Pierced though the hand kayla could feel the life leaving her weak body... There was something round every corner. Something in every shadow,No one was safe...
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I didn't fall I tripped...
Broken inside she fell further down into a garden flowers covered her she had no escape... "Scattering petals down the road without an end, left on the battle ground for one I called my friend, Maybe loved me as he took me by t...
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ShadowedMoon has broken wing she can not fly. But when the alarm goes off for humans coming in. Everything changes. Weird things start happening like deaths Moon's confidence is challenged...
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Acids Rain
I thought I could trust family,... Furious at her family she runs away forgetting common sense, her family were trying there best...
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Hurts to smile..
Meet Raven, a normal girl until her eighth birthday, everything changes, will see survive? Or will th fire Burn and drive her insane...
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The trapeze artists (book taster) Beginners
Meet Darla, Jade, Cindy, and Katy, they go to Evergreen Circus Training. There coach Penny calls them the FirCones, but things won't be easy, they're the new comers, Tiffy and Ash are lets say one is happy to have new comers bu...
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Why? (1)
I was your average 12 year old girl, black hair with twisted ends, blue eyes, tanned skin, ya know 
Dreaming of being someone, or something.
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