Hurts to smile..

Hurts to smile..

Meet Raven, a normal girl until her eighth birthday, everything changes, will see survive? Or will th fire Burn and drive her insane...

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Blazing fury

Hurts to smile..
She lies awake in her bed tomorrow was her birthday. She could not wait, yet her family kept her up most the night. Waking up she runs into the lounge to find nothing but a single present. Opening up the card it read: "Happy Birthday Sweetie! Hope this present will please you, we spent a lot to get it for you!". She opened it, it was a doll with black hair and a silver dress lined with lace. "Huh? I'm 8 I don't need dolls" she thought but nonetheless she took it into her room to play with...
That was her day, until it changed...


I remember waking up holding my doll, BlackRose. I got up And felt a fire spinning in my head wanting to burn. "Morning" I grumbled as I sat at the table with a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. Eating it I thought about when I first got the doll I was twelve now. "Raven, it's me BlackRose somethings wrong I can see it" I furrowed my brows confused at my doll speaking. The fire starts to burn again I put on a smile as if nothing was wrong and walked out the door with BlackRose. I ran down a dark alley way. We spent the whole day there the sky was covered in black and blue.
We walked back and BlackRose hung lifeless in my hand as I reached the house again. The moon just peeked over the house it was Sunday tomorrow was school.
The day came it was school I grunted and got up. Breakfast was always the same, Oatmeal. I packed my lunch and walked out the door holding BlackRose. Silence was all around me. I tuned out what everyone said as I walked into school. I felt like a Puppet, people controlling me everyday. Making the best feel like the worst. Something lingered in my mind growing bigger as I walked into class. I ignored it. "Class today it's maths" I groaned but I did the maths sheet she gave me. 2+3 'who does she think I am? A 3 year old?' I thought Nonetheless finishing the math sheet in like 2 minutes and was first. School was a bore. After lunch I climbed up a tree and sat with BlackRose until home time.
I walked home in silence once again tuning out what everyone says "Raven, RAVEN!" I heard someone yell. I turned on my heel to the voice, it was Ivory-Rose "what do you want?" I muttered to her. I felt a crowd built around us as I have never spoken before My voice was rich and pure. "She talks?" I heard the others whispering. "You can talk?"  Ivory exclaimed "yeah I'm human aren't I?" I continued walking as the other kids followed me. Fire blazed in my mind. "WHAT DO YOU WANT" I screamed my eyes blazing red-orange like fire, Dancing to an un-hearable beat. They all ran off to there homes. I felt tears welling up in my eyes everything went blurry. "It looks real" I heard a low voice say "I am real" I grumbled back they just laughed. "Grr leave me alone!" My eyes blazed and it went blurry again....
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