My secret garden

My secret garden

This is a dark poem, if you are sensitive I recommend not reading this, you’ve been warned.

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My Secret Garden

My skin is my secret garden
I like to dig away at the dirt
To see the red roses
I have never shown others my secret
The beauty is just for me

I don’t like to dig up my garden
The ground will never heal,
But every time I see the roses
I smile
But still, no one knows how I feel

(Ignore this rambling it’s here bc it won’t let me publish it without it. *i wish things could go back to how they were, no it wasn’t perfect but it was right. I had Wolf, Starling had Carbon. I was a princess, I had my pearl, my diamond and my Opal. That’s all I needed. Him as a friend and my jewels. I could’ve been happy then. Could have… nothing is ever going to be the same, but I knew that. I know everything. Like the prophecy states: ‘Seeing none, knowing all that’s been’ I know what happened in the other time, we can’t deny that was what happened. I’m still a little bit angry but it was inevitable, I would never have been enough anyway. I’m not good enough, not for Carbon, not for Wolf, not for the prophecy. Why do I even care about the prophecy? Because I grew up that way. I liked it in the rain forest, it was far from perfect but it was home. Home… home isn’t here. It never was. We all want to escape but do they know what could happen? I know what to do once we get out but still the risks are massive! I don’t want to lose him… he’d be happier with her.. I just want him so I’m happy. That’s selfish isn’t it? I love him, and I know somewhere in his heart he still does too. I never make a move because I don’t want to ruin anything! I don’t want to take away his happiness.. although Star’s chances have lowered since reading that book.. I wonder if I just keep being myself if he’ll notice I still love him.. who am I kidding he can hear me! Oh wait never mind Carbon is asleep. That’s good although that wing injury doesn’t look good.. at least they’ll notice in the morning. I wonder when I’ll be let out… who am I kidding i like it in here. I wish I had I diary to write these things down, but I’m blind. I hate and love being blind. Maybe I knew back when Shadow offered me my sight that I didn’t want it because of this. Maybe… but I never saw this coming. I like water, it cools the burns they give me. I like being warm when I sleep, that’s being part rainwing for you.* she sighed *i should probably go to sleep.. but I don’t want to..*)
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