Welcome a new adventure to your heart with this: A White flash and the was gone, she remembered not much but yet a single flake of her memory remanded.

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Chapter one

I sat in bed staring at the ceiling,judging wether to get up or not. My alarm had gone off only a few minutes ago. I started to push my blankets off and unwillingly get out of bed. Little wisps of light escaped from behind the baby blue curtains like mice escaping an owls clutches. After striping open the curtains light rushed in and my whole room seemed to change from being dark and mist-like. I started quiet steps into the lounge where I waited until someone else got up.                                                 
After what seemed hours I walked to school with feet in socks and socks in shoes. The sun hung in the joyous blue sky like a single star in the night sky. Many sounds were heard there on the, what seemed a quiet street.

You would think the road Quintessa walked was a ghost road to death. Not the happy street many lived. There was an old man who was stooped and bent, his back making the shape of a C and his head bent so far forward that his beard would nearly have touched his knobby knees had he been just a bit taller.
(Back to Quintessa)
The gleam of my crystal ocean coloured eyes faded as I reached my undisiered destination, school. The once tall grand arch way that stretched over the lush dewy grass was broken and parts were left on the ground.  I looked to the left and saw Azaleah I ran up to her and threw my arms around her. "Wow Tess we saw each other yesterday you don't need to act like we haven't seen each other for a week" that's when it happened. I felt a bad feeling that I was to be gone, gone from this world and into another...
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