I didn't fall I tripped...

I didn't fall I tripped...

Broken inside she fell further down into a garden flowers covered her she had no escape... "Scattering petals down the road without an end, left on the battle ground for one I called my friend, Maybe loved me as he took me by the hand and tried to understand"

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one

Tears fell as a nine year old girl, CC sat alone at the edge of a forest. Picking flowers as she wept. Her short light brown hair floated softly in the wind. Animals came and went. She was the girl that time forgot..
She crept around the forest and up a tree into the leaves she placed the chain of flowers with the others and slept. Time passed by like cars of a road. Scars covered her delicate skin, with salt... They stung her in sleep like bees and wasps aggravated. She was alone no matter where she walked she felt completely alone...

She stood at the edge of her house holding a single yellow flower. Her hair flew in the patterns of the wind, salty tears rolled down her face and into her scars she was broken inside. Fleeing into the forest she remember the one she called her friend how could she be blind?..

Awaking in a panic CC looked up at the moon "Moon I know this is crazy, but please take the pain away" she softly sung to the moon but no one came... CC fell asleep soon after still her bruises inside stung and ached with pain and loss. The World went round till the sun peeked over the trees, the day broke as pinks and purple blended outwards grabbing at the baby blue sky. CC opened her greenish eyes up towards the sky and got up. "Hey look!" CC heard a feminine voice beyond some of the deep green trees. "Wow a tree hou-- thing?" Another replied. CC looked down apon the other humans and growled deep in her throat "who's there?!" Th humans stammered "leave this place" CC said as a tear rolled down her face... "Pfft who said you were in charge?" One of them said "you leave me no choice..." CC's voice trailed off as she howled up into the sky "what's that going to do?" Smirked one of the humans "you have my pity mortal" CC said as wolves growled and came into sight "they said I was in charge.." They ran off like wild chickens as CC was left alone again to weep.                                                                                  
Later that day another human came but she ran into CC as she picked flowers she was crying and collapsed down onto the flower bed. Will CC ever be alone again... Or will humans keep coming?...
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