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About my Dream SMP AU
Just me explaining what my Dream SMP AU is like. There may or may not be some characters in this AU that aren't actually in the Dream SMP. Remember this is my AU, please tell me a bit about your AU in the comments! 💖
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How To Draw A Yin-Yang
7 steps, and 4 items needed. You also need to know how to do/use a few things. *Note! Picture isn't mine!*
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peggy moves schools (PART TREE!)
Pt 3 of PEGGY MOVES SCHOOLS! nanana man nyer naa just like a ciiircus (THE PHOTO IS ROTATED!)
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This happened one day at school soo~
Why do i have to erite this stupid descriptiin qll the time who cares if it makes sense. Oooofa ouifa no more descriptikn
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Letter for pink the quiz whiz
letter for pink the quiz whiz. if you arent pink, you can still read. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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Dream's 'nightmares'
All I have to say is that this is my AU of DreamWasTaken and how I think his childhood went/would go.
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New account!
I have no description- It says I need more letters so-... bsjoanwoenrusbemyaaa
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ask or dare rock lee and cheeber X3
me: haaiii guyz!! so like... ask or dare me and lee-kun!! lee: Indeed! This is a challenge that me and my Dear Husband with be taking on! me: awe lee!! ur so sweet <3
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How death feels...
Hello.Im Charlie Emily and death is about this story.Hope you like it?
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T-T The Times That Komaru was an Idiot
Has the title says it all The time Komaru was an Idiot -_- Well I hope you enjoy this Cr@p I'm now Monaca Towa
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My sister
this is a story starting from when i was 13 about my spoilt sister, the only reason she was like this was because she was much more prettier than me. She was the most popular in the whole entire school and never thought about m...
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my life story (1)
i am hinata hyuga and this is my life story i hope you enjoy thanks for reading
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Inspired by IM DARK OVERLORD IM DARK AND ATYF and all of the content from the gundham RP account
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Hetaustria Character Songs!
The only platinum thing that Hetaustria needs is platinum character songs.
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MM 13 One small kick.
Ughhh. This is the most boring part of a story. The disruption. Please help me. PLEASE!
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unpopluar opinons
i made a story of all my opinions becuz u guyz r mean 2 me and don't understand me
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Top 10 Futurama Characters
My top picks for the characters in the hit TV show made by the creators of the Simpsons, Futurama.
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