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Mafia City h5 - play mafia game here
Mafia City h5 is a game that ensures you use all your mental as well as logical faculties. Granted the in-game help does wonders for a beginner but if you really want to progress in the crime rings and make a name for your gang...
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A story about Antiseg. And how she went to all this to became this silent person. WARNING: Gore and Violence
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Dead Before Midnight
A dark version of the Cinderella story. Warning, deals with darker intense topics.
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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants
Devin is passionate about designing spaces for art and also incorporating art into existing spaces.
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Struggle with Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety, n. : Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. You could say social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people. It ...
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Englands eyebrows x reader [not mine]
this isn't mines i do not own anything in this x reader thing so yeah...fall in love with dem eyebrows
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Slenderman (1)
I no need scription. What do ya think it it, pumpkins? Yes... Now quit reading this and read the story!
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Fnaf Lyrics
Please in comment wright a FnaF lyrics that you want i add. Have a super amazing day!
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FNaS Book 1: The Golden Days
Wow. The first book of the FNaS series. This book is about the two main characters, Jamie and Golden, to find out how they was killed by a man and turned into animatronics. There trying to find out what happens and who did this...
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the entire bee movie script
i love barry b benson he is the best character ever he is not op or a mary sue and he has nice eyebrows
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I didn't fall I tripped...
Broken inside she fell further down into a garden flowers covered her she had no escape... "Scattering petals down the road without an end, left on the battle ground for one I called my friend, Maybe loved me as he took me by t...
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Asking taro yamada
Okay so here's the story for asking taro ^-^ umm need more words DX *sighs* finally anyways enjoy!
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Songs That Have Helped Through Life's Disharmony
I wanted to try something a little different since an event from today nearly tore me apart since my best friend almost brought it upon themselves to take their own life away. They may not consider me as their best friend, but...
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Asking Sebastian and delcia
Alright so here's the answers to your questions ^-^ oh and and the dares as well
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Advice For Jealousy.
I got this from another website and I believe it is very helpful, so, now Qfeast gets to know about it.
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My theme songs
Well just my theme songs nothing else to see here -_- move along little blueberries
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Versions to the Core
Characters singing their own versions of these songs I'm familiar for a few of my characters. So enjoy.
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