About my Dream SMP AU

About my Dream SMP AU

Just me explaining what my Dream SMP AU is like. There may or may not be some characters in this AU that aren't actually in the Dream SMP. Remember this is my AU, please tell me a bit about your AU in the comments! 💖

published on June 02, 202111 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

AlphaNotFound/Lily Sanchez

Alpha in my AU is apart of the Sleepy Bois Inc. She was adopted be Phil when he found her in an alley. She was about 7 years old when Phil found her but she had been living in the alley for about 4 years because her parents didn't want to care for their child after 3 years. Alpha would always train with Techno and sometimes try and learn how to my the piano with Phil. But every time Tommy couldn't sleep, she would read him a story and sing to him to make him feel more safe and calm him down. By the time Alpha was 18 she had already mastered the piano, learned almost everything from Techno, and grew a strong bond with Tommy. Alpha fought in every war that Tommy fought in so she would always be close to he brother. When she found out the Tommy was killed by Dream, she hated him. Now Alpha is 20 years old, still holding a grudge against Dream.
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