Letter for pink the quiz whiz

letter for pink the quiz whiz. if you arent pink, you can still read. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)

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pink the whzi

F U pink the woz pink the wiiz pink the jizzzz GET YO OL SMELLY ASS OUTTTA HERE!!! i am the real blue BC i am ayumi and blue is amyumig Blue IM FOR REAL. SO STOP. *shoots lasers out of my smoker hole into pinks chin to form another smolek hoel* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..................... poo poo peee Im so cool i am atumi blue For reals i am ayumi the whiz i am ayumi tje blue i am blue the ayumi whiz im so hot and cool ALSO, PINK GUESS WHAT! YOUR NIPPLES ARE THE SIZE OF MOONS. thats why, my idiot sucks them to make them not big. bish. uwu.
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