Dream's 'nightmares'

Dream's 'nightmares'

All I have to say is that this is my AU of DreamWasTaken and how I think his childhood went/would go.

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Chapter 1.
The Dreamer

The Dreamer

Dream wasn’t always the way he is right now. Starting wars, exiling people, killing friends. He used to be a kind sweet kid but there was something in the way of letting him stay like that, his father. His father would tell him many times he’s too weak, he’ll never win a fight, he would even abuse him sometimes if he gets one thing wrong in his training. Once his father was about to abuse him but the mom walked in a protected Dream. Dream hugged his mom but then noticed she was bleeding, and it was his father’s fault. Dream went somewhere where it was all black and he met this person that looks like him but with small horns and instead of wearing green he was wearing red. “Who are you?” Dream asked this person, “The name’s Nightmare.” Nightmare replied. “Why am I here and where am I?” Dream asked Nightmare, “You’re in the mindscape, and you’re here because you want to protect your mom and I can help. All you have to do is give me control.” Dream wasn’t sure what to do but yes, he did want to protect his mom so he gave Nightmare control. Ever since Dream gave control to Nightmare he was connected to him, unable to disconnect. ‘Dream’ opened his eyes but they weren’t his eye color, they were red, Nightmare was in control at that moment. Nightmare looked up and saw Dream’s father and somehow teleported from where he was standing with Dream’s mother to behind the father. Nightmare brutally attacked Dream’s father eventually killing him. Although he was already dead Nightmare kept attacking and Dream’s mom tried to make him stop but Nightmare ended up attacking her and killing her.
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