The taste of loneliness

The taste of loneliness

Close your eyes. Forget the pain, you are forgotten you will never get the one thing you want. Shadows lurk, wandering everywhere. Looking for someone to devour... Leaving nothing but cold blooded killers...

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A path of hate

A path of hate

My eyes were closed there was no point in fighting them. They kicked and scratched me it seemed to have no end. I heard footsteps and opened my eyes they ran off and were gone. A teacher stood towering over me. "You shouldn't let them do that" he said as he helped me up. "Thanks" I uttered under my breath.                                                                                                                 
'Hold on tight, but don't you know I'm stronger now' I played an old song I my up over again and again. I walked alone it seemed I stood still with the world spinning. My world was dark and gloomy, I was like a lone wolf, like that song "running with the wolves" I said aloud not noticing I had to go class. I stood there for a few minutes."Lillia-Rose, late to class" I groaned as I stood in front of the principal again as I had done, many times before.                                                                                                                                    
Sitting in the same rundown grey chair I sat in so many times before. Seeming Amost normal, but it wasn't. I sat across from about five other people, usual it's just me or one other person. I started to twirl a peice of hair while watching the other kids expressions, they were Solemn.                                                                                                                                               
They just sat there unblinking, ignoring each and every word the teacher was saying like I was.
"Lillia! " "huh?" It felt like I had just been shaken to awake from a daydream I looked again the people were gone. I looked down at my maths, reading, and English sheets, so I wouldn't get into trouble. All the while wondering about what happened to the five kids. The teacher must've noticed me staring of into the distance "more work less thinking" I laughed slightly but decided to just continue with my work and forget about the kids, but was that Such a good idea?....
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