My pain was growling at me trying desperately to escape. I smashed my fist against the wall again. And again, angry at what seemed mother to most but the pain was did not go unseen..

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Chapter one

Water silently dripped from the damp cobble ceiling. It was like siting in a half drained pool. I punched the wall why the heck was I in the mental time out room you ask? WELL MY STUPID FAMILY GOT RID OF ME, and now I seek revenge.
I smiled sweetly as a guard passed by "Meadow lush age 8 You are out of time out" he said in low gruff voice. My wrist reaked with pain and a little blood dripped down past my finger tips. "Uh sir I need a bandage" I said softly "ughh again Meadow?, go to the front desk" I ran down the hall feeling that familiar feeling of being watched. Finally I reached the desk "let me guess" I nodded and she wrapped it up tightly and just in case gave me a sling "you need to get to your room Meadow, it's almost afternoon tea time" it sounded sweet and happy, but really it's horrible. I didnt bother to eat until dinner. "Again Meadow?" Said Hannah while Face-Palming. I just growled, but in the end it didn't matter, "Can Meadow Lush come to the front desk now, that's Meadow Lush" a cracked voice came over the system. Groaning I got out and went back to the front desk.  "You've got 20 days until you get put down" she said sadly not meaning it though. This was not were I wanted to be, I ran straight back to my room and cried, there was nothing I could do...                                                                                                                                   
Tears was the only thing I could see in the deathly white box of a room. "Uh for Meadow Lush?" I looked up my eyes red and saw a small brown box. She held it out for me so I took it expecting her to leave but, she just stood in the door way waiting, watching. I peeled back the tape and the sides inside was a teddy bear, it was stabbed and wrapped with white bandages. Engraved with two words "good luck"...
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