Call the guardians of the Tails, we need to fix this... I new this world would never be the same... (I redid the cover image, then it was over 6 mb)

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Chapter one: Tale of tails

The scent of lavender hung around in the air as my mother nuzzled me with affection. As my eyelids closed I remembered a story she once told me. "Can you tell my me the story about--" I started "The Tale of Tails " she finished I nodded my muzzle and she started. "Well, long ago, or so they say" she winked at me " There was the Guardian of the tails, they protected and fixed every problem ever said. Even the smallest of problems. One day while the Wolf representative was walking the pack of wolves attacked her she sadly died. The animals were broken everyone ended up with death except for the Arctic fox representative they ran back to where they started, since then nothing has been the same. Squirrels are on the run, when we used to be friends. And in the end it didn't matter." She finished and curled around me her tail's tip touching my nose...
Years later..........

My eyes began to open I was still curled up I remembered when my mother curled next to my tiny fur covered body. The sun shone through the lush green leaves, and the bright blue sky peeped though. A few see through drops of water landed on the ground as I smelled all the scents they were muddled an hard to tell apart. After a little judging i told each one apart. The sticks and leaves broke unwillingly under my Weight. I heard Beatles scuttled underneath the forest leave coated floor. Squirrels raced up trees holding nuts. I didn't know where I was going, but as I walked I felt a dark presence watching my every step. Scanning the area there was nothing so I tried to shake the feeling off. Not succeeding I decided to stop. Lying down on the leaves they scratched and pinched at my grey-ish fur. Every sound was filtered into my ears like water falling through a sieve. Crunch. I whipped around towards the sound. Nothing. I was as focused as a 9,00000000000 dollar camera lense. Nothing I heard didn't raise a hair on my back.
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