Acids Rain

Acids Rain

I thought I could trust family,... Furious at her family she runs away forgetting common sense, her family were trying there best...

published on October 06, 20166 reads 4 readers 0 not completed

I'm done with your games!

'I thought I could trust family' i thought furious "I'm done with your games!" I yelled at my brother. Little did they know, That night I wept myself to sleep. I was up at 11:37 I wept when I thought of the times when they actually were nice. I packed a few clothes and a big jersey I had a thought as I walked into the lounge, two brown couches lined the far wall screaming " sit down" at me. I picked up a small hand knife and put it in my pocket. "I'm sorry" I scribbled down on a paper and left it with a mark of my blood, the sign of pain.  I grabbed a couple books on nature before I left. My tears stringed as I left the door, 'wait' I said to my self I went and kissed my little sister, Anna, and grabbed one of her blankets and picture. I was off
I fled as fast as my legs would take me, I was only nine... I made to a forest and stayed in a small den under a tree. The roots twisted around me. This was my place, no one could get me. I slept calm knowing that no one could annoy me anymore.
The sun came up and my stomach grumbled at me as if it was my fault it was hungry. My eyes opened slowly the pain was still with me, clinging on. I already missed my bed and breakfast but so many times they had taken my food and left me hungry. I found some blackberries.
Thoughts haunted me, I had always been there for them, and what did I get? Hatred at lest that's what it felt like. I listened to all the new sounds. Beatles scuttled across the forest floor, birds tweet there sweet song. I was calm. The world was calm with me. Smelling the air a small sent of water came to me I ran towards it. It was a spring, my clothes were ragged I was in a tank top and shorts they were ripped.
I didn't notice that this was a public Spring. People watched over me as I drank from the fresh water. I walked off not noticing a thing. I far into the forest and hisses surrounded me, it was unpleasant the hiss sounded like an angry cat trying to catch its toy. They stepped silently out of the trees there orangey-beige fur was covered in 'c' shapes and splotches. An unsettling feeling ran up my spine, had I just walked into Leopards territory?
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