Meet Charity and franabell Orphans until one day.. Will they all change or will they die trying... Falling.

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Chapter one

Chapter one

We held hands with each other, in the dark our eyes were closed. "There is another world in this paradox" we chanted I opened my eyes we didn't know why we did it, we just did it. "Franabell?,  will we ever be fostered?" "CC I don't know" I giggled at the nick name. We decided to jump on the beds and see who could jump the highest, I won. No surprise there "hey Charity wanna see who can hold the best handstand?" I groaned Franabell always won. But still I said yes.                                                       
The door swung open to reveal a woman? "In here are two--" miss Leonie was mid-sentence. "Can I have both?" "Uhh sure I'll get you to sign an adoption form ok? " the woman nodded and walked over to us as Miss Leonie walked out. "What are your names children?"  "I'm Franabell and this is my Bestest friend ever, Charity" Franabell said with a huge smile spread on her face. I just giggled. "Well children you can call me Torille" Miss Leonie walked in and Torille singed the form and took us home.
I had never been in a real house before. There were vases with flowers and bookshelves galore. It was all very nice then Torille made Apple pie for us. It was sweet and sour. The pastry was fluffy and talk about the apples soft and delicious. "Come children to your rooms" we followed Torille we had two ready made beds with pillows and a bookshelf with only a few books in it. "Shall I tell you a story?" "Yes please" Franabell and I said in unison. "Ok, long ago two races ruled over the earth. Humans and monsters. Then one day war broke out, the humans emerged victorious and sent the monsters underground with a magic spell. Since then no one has seen of them. But" she took of her hood to reveal tiny little horns and droopy white ears "I am a monster" I starred in shock at what I was seeing. "There is more to people then what if seems" she winked at us and walked out the room. I was stunned...
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