The trapeze artists (book taster) Beginners

Meet Darla, Jade, Cindy, and Katy, they go to Evergreen Circus Training. There coach Penny calls them the FirCones, but things won't be easy, they're the new comers, Tiffy and Ash are lets say one is happy to have new comers but as for Ash she is growling and forgot they are supposed to be a team

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"Darla! Come on" my mum yelled from out the door of our Limousine as a crowd of people watched me hop into "G Dougs" car. Having a famous Mum means special training but I finally I talked her into sending me to a public Circus training. We drove on the road white stripes against the old greyish black. We finally made it to "Evergreen Circus Training" we pulled into the car park as five other cars pulled in too. They casted odd looks at me as I hoped out in my trapeze leotard. The blue swirls shone on top of black and silver the others were just in a top and shorts.
I was relieved to find that two others had leotards. "Welcome! I'm Penny and I'll be your coach" she greeted us with a warm welcome. I looked over at a girl smiling in a black and red leotard with shorts underneath. Standing next to her was another girl "look what the cat dragged in" she scowled "hey! There new!" The other girl said. I just stood there wanting to leave "hi my name is Tiffy, sorry about Ash what's your name?" Tiffy said walking over to me "I'm Darla nice to meet you" I replied with a half hearted smile.
"Girls less chatter and more stretching" I leant down in silence as the others tried yo go down "wow Darla your really good!" Penny remarked with a smile. I felt my cheeks heating up causing me to blush. "Thanks" I said in a small voice. Looking around the bright room I asked if I could go first on the trapeze. "Sure, quick question, uh how skilled are you?" I just smiled darkly as we walked over to the trapezes. "Let's just say I know what I'm doing"
Jumping up to grab the bar I pulled my knees to my chest and it all flooded back to me. I went through my whole routine from Gazelle to half angle and many others. I finished in birds nest and piked and rolled forward knees to my chest. I spread my hands in the air "wow" they all said. "Thanks, uh" "jade!" "Cindy" "Katy" they all said after the other "thank you all" I could tell that this was to be a start to a new friendship. " ok FirCones lets get you all up on a trapeze"...

Authors note:
Thanks for reading this is just a taster of what my story will be like, also comment down below if you think you know where I got the idea for this book, lol it'll be hard ;)
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