Something in the mist

Something in the mist

Pierced though the hand kayla could feel the life leaving her weak body... There was something round every corner. Something in every shadow,No one was safe...

published on October 15, 20162 reads 2 readers 0 not completed

It's life

Kayla wakes up with a start. The sun was an eight in the sky, it was still pinky purple. It was Wednesday there was school but it was a half day thank gosh.  
I checked my alarm 6:38 I still don't know why I wake up at this time. Walking out to my twin brothers room I woke him up by opening up the door and yelling "get up" into his room. His eyes flicked open in surprise "ughhhh KayKay" "come on I made breakfast" I said as a bribe "really?" "Yes Keyon but you can't have any until you're dressed" Keyon groaned as I walked out the roo. I could cook. I'm not the best cook but I made berry porridge with dairy-free yogurt and fruit on the top. After about 15 minutes Keyon finally walked out in his uniform, black pants, with a blue top with the school logo on it. He sat down and ate.  After eating I walked into the bathroom and fixed my short black hair. I was already dressed and stuff so I grabbed my brother and out the door we went. We walked down the empty road towards the high school. No one was seen along the road except me and Keyon. Shadows sat under lamposts lifeless, "what the hell was that?" My brother almost screamed I looked around seeing a faint shadow forming a shape like how you use clay to form pottery. Slow. "Just ignore it Keyon, it's just our minds playing tricks" I said, finally although I sounded more sure then I felt.                                                                                                     
We finally made it to school I checked my locker and found myself being locked inside! "Great just great" it's not called 'locker to be locked in. Hands grabbed around my waist squeezing air out of me like a rubber duck.. I gasped for air to fill my lungs nothing. Sweet dripped down my forehead as I tried to scream for my brother. Nothing came out...
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