Dipper's Depression

Dipper's Depression

Hey all! It was late at night when I decided to write this, so, it's a very terribly idea, and probably the worst story I have ever written. There's gonna be Dipper x Everyone. Yes, even with guys. No lemon. No one hundred percent romance, only if I decide to make it an ending. You choose the ships and the endings in the comment section! Enjoy (or not, you choose)

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Chapter 1.

Bill is the First

     It was the last day of Dipper and Mabel's second summer at Gravity Falls, and Dipper was taken over yet again by Bill. He was tired of it, this time he just let him without any struggle, not saying anything when he hurt Wendy, Robbie, Soos, all of his friends. He had no emotion. He was numb. Has been for a while. When he came back to visit Gravity Falls the year after Weirdamageddon, he was changed. He looked different and acted different.
      He didn't talk, didn't hang out, didn't eat. He mostly spent time in his room. When Bill decided to carve his circle into Dipper's chest, he didn't refuse. When Bill took off his shirt in the bathroom, his eyes widened. Dipper's body was more developed and would be considered handsome, if it weren't for the huge scars up and down his belly and chest. Bill knew full well that some were from last year, and those would be almost faded. Except, every morning, Dipper would go to the bathroom with a knife and reopen them, as well as adding new ones.
     Each one was deep. So deep. There was dried blood everywhere. Bill almost cried - yes, cried - for the state Dipper's mind and body was in. He liked Dipper, he did. Loved, in fact. Yes, he loved the one who tortured. So, he was hurt when he saw what he did to his own body. He knew something felt off when he entered. He realized, now. Dipper was depressed. He has been, ever since he left Gravity Falls. He stayed away from people at school. He never talked, never ate, never even did school work. Everyone decided to ignore him and he was fine with that. He was used to it. Bill couldn't take it anymore.
     He gave Dipper his body back and went back to the Mindscape and actually cried. Dipper reopened his old and new scars with the blade that Bill made him hold. He didn't mind when he got blood on his hands, or in the sink, or on the floor, or anywhere. Let them find out. He didn't care. With two fingers, he dipped the tips in the blood on his chest and he wrote in small letters on the mirror, 'I give up.' With that, he sighed and put on his shirt, went to the attic, packed his bags and got ready to leave. It was only midnight, yet he was ready to go back to school. He had to learn. He wanted to. Before he laid in bed, he kissed Mabel's head as she slept.
     "Goodnight, Mabes..." he brushed the hair behind her ear and laid on his bed, not sleeping. He was asleep when his scars stopped bleeding. He never noticed. He never would. He was numb.
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