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The Huntresses of Beacon (RWBY) (Pollination fanfic)
This is a RWBY fanfic about Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake fall in love and dating each other... at the same time?! This can only in in comedy. Might turn it into a Ruby x Harem story. Enjoy! (Girl x Girl, incest, polyamory) If y...
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The Lover of Nightmares
Nightmare Moon has been alone her whole life, even before she was banished to the moon. But, when she was "destroyed" by the Elements of Harmony, she was sent to the human realm, where she met a human named Jason Mardon. (This ...
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Dipper's Depression
Hey all! It was late at night when I decided to write this, so, it's a very terribly idea, and probably the worst story I have ever written. There's gonna be Dipper x Everyone. Yes, even with guys. No lemon. No one hundred perc...
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Epic Rap Battles of Anime
This is where I will make two or more anime characters have a rap battle against each other. Don't judge, I am a beginner in rap battles.
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Impossible Love (An TAWOG Fanfic) (Gumball x Tina)
Is it impossible to fall in love with your bully? Even more so if your a blue kitten and she's a T-Rex? Well, that's exactly what happens with Gumball Watterson. Will this end in happiness or sorrow? (Teenage Years AU (My own A...
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Unexpected Love (An Appledash fic)
(This is a human Applejack x Rainbow Dash fic! If you don't like MLP, Appledash, lesbians, or me in general, I don't care! Why are you even here? F*ck off haters!) Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Two different people from different...
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More Than Sibling Love (Dipper x Mabel fanfic)
Dipper and Mable Pines are close friends, partially because of them growing up together, being twins, and facing the supernatural wackiness that is the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. But the main thing is something neither of t...
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The Forced Fusion
This is the same story as my previous one that I deleted, but it has different scenarios that make more sense and makes it more suspenseful.
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Random ASCII
I will post random ACII art I make, and want to share with you. I hope you like them.
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Doctor Who Chatroom Conversation
Amy, Rory, and River have shown the Doctor an Internet Chatroom. What will happen?
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Random Poems (1)
I will post random poems I find, make, or read. You guys can leave suggestions in the comments, and I will add it to the story.
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Favorite song lyrics (1)
I will make each chapter as lyrics to a song I like. At the end of each chapter, I will post a link to the video with the song.
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Creepypasta x reader (1)
A/N: this is a creepypasta x reader story, it will be where you get in a relationship with one of the creepypastas. It has two point of views, yours, and the creepypastas. I take suggestions in the comments, and will do persona...
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