The Forced Fusion

This is the same story as my previous one that I deleted, but it has different scenarios that make more sense and makes it more suspenseful.

published on March 01, 201611 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Sleeping in Class

        I was in my Algebra 1 class one day, and I was listening to anime music on YouTube and the pocket watch melody from Pandora Hearts came on and it made me stop what I was doing. It was so... peaceful... familiar... yet strange to my ears... it made me... quiet... sleepy...
        'Maybe if I took a little nap... No, I need to stay awake... but it's so peaceful... a lullaby... screw it...' I thought as my eyes struggled to stay open. As I closed my eyes, I didn't know what was going to happen. I fell in to a terrifying dream that I can never remember fully.

        I was strapped to a metal table, a thick strip of leather in my mouth to act as a gag, to block my screams. I looked around to see people in white robes, a heart monitor, and trays full of metal tools and what looked to be organs of some type. There were also jars full of different colored gasses. I started panicking, then a grey haired doctor started to cut me open. My heart rate sped up. The pain was to much to bare. No pain killers? What were these doctors thinking? I lifted my head and looked at what he was doing. The entire front of my body was cut open. I could see my ribs, my stomach, my lungs, intestines, my heart, my kidneys, and the muscles in my chest. I saw so much blood. Everywhere I looked, I saw my blood. They started to replace some of my organs, adding some, and mixing some blood. Then, somehow, my heart was pulled out and ripped apart. My eyes widened and my mouth started to water as my face was splattered with my own blood. I continued to watch as my heart was mixed with a pitch black heart, a gold heart, a white heart, a blue heart, and a glowing heart. Then they put it back in and continued to add organs in my body. They put a mask over my face, which pumped the multicolored gasses into my lungs. Then they closed my skin, and used some type of heat to burn the skin together. The pain came back and I woke up.

        I fell out of my chair, sweat on my brow, panting. The whole class was staring at me. I looked around, scared. I saw that the song was over. I got up, and muttered an apology. My friend, Tony, told me that I was screaming soundlessly. Someone tried to wake me, but I just tossed and turned. My nightmare was too real. When I stretched, I still felt where they cut me open. Then that was when I heard the voices. Thousands, millions, all speaking in my head at once. I closed my eyes, and grabbed my head. It was unbearable. But it felt like I was used to it. And I was. This wasn't the first time I had a dream like this. Then the hunger washed over me... the uncontrollable hunger... the hunger for blood... for meat...
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