Epic Rap Battles of Anime

This is where I will make two or more anime characters have a rap battle against each other. Don't judge, I am a beginner in rap battles.

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Kaneki Ken vs Eren Jaeger

~Kaneki Ken~

Well well, who do we have here? The wannabe Incredible Hulk that looks like a queer?
Ha! Well, Eren Jaeger, how much do you think it will take to beat me, you wager.
In my opinion, I don't even need my kagune to chop you up. By the end of this, Mikasa will be by my side, saying "what's up?"
Why am I even here? I should be at Aogiri, trying to defeat them. So, why don't you take your comrade's meat and go beat them.

Because you're so weird, it takes your Titan Form to heal you after every battle. I'm so bad that pain just makes me stronger,
You wondered why you were pissed when you couldn't use the directional gear?
Because it was riding up your ass like a thong, isn't it clear?
I'm better than you in everyway. So move, bitch, get out the way!

~Eren Jeager~

What? Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening,
I was thinking of how your ghoul eye would look if it was glistening,
Which is how you will look when we are done, so don't try to step to Titan Killer #1,
I took on the Colossal Titan in my human form, and you think your bad? I have a tragic past,
One that will surely leave you in a cast.

I killed three men when I was a boy, while you were just playing with a toy!
I got up after being shoved down, and you were a peaceful soul, who would just stay down,
You were bitten by a ghoul on your first date, no wonder you are filled with hate,
I can beat you, even when you can't remember me way back when, so come at me, Ken!

~Kaneki Kakuja Form~

I kinda feel bad for you, having me use my kakuja to beat you,
I just want to say that I may have been a peaceful soul, but now my heart is hot like a burning coal,
We here, in this mind, will win in no time,
I may be mad, but that only makes me bad!

I had a tragic past, my dad left me and my mom,
And she was worn down by the debts she owned her sister,
She died having a broken heart, and that left me a blister,
My raps are surely fire, so the consequences of you continuing will surely be dire.

I can feel your every nothing that you're doing for me, I go and face the danger,
You hide behind walls that don't do anything to keep out the Titans,
I'm kicking ass while the weight of your duties lightens,
I'm the best creature in the anime world! Let's look at your record, give it a whirl.

Your father turned you and three others into shifters, while he should have found a cure to the Titans,
That would have been swifter. You got mad when you couldn't use the gear,
The only reason you want to kill the Titans is because one killed your mother,
I'm done for now, so go hug Armin, your brother.

~Eren Titan Form~

I know something about you that you don't, you think I will tell you but I won't.
I'm the best of the best, you'll never find success
I'm impossible to beat, you are truly weak,
I get all the ladies and they want me to beat them cheeks, and all ya fockin' haters go beat your meat,

Because I'm the kinda guy you wish to be, but there is no way you'll amount to me,
You were afraid of what you became, while I embraced it,
You were and will always be weak,  there is no way to change it,
When I look in the mirror, I see a boy who has changed.

When you do it, all you see is a pussy, and there's nothing to it,
Happy birthday to you and good luck in the afterlife,
Why don't you do the same thing with cūm and swallow your pride,
And see the true nature of us

With this verse, I send you to Underverse,
Just like your life, I am done,
You just lost to Hunter #1, and I don't fight, less you step to me,
Yo Kaneki, you just got your happy little ass beat

(Who won? Who should be next? You decide and comment below! I hope you enjoy!)
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