The Huntresses of Beacon (RWBY) (Pollination fanfic)

The Huntresses of Beacon (RWBY) (Pollination fanfic)

This is a RWBY fanfic about Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake fall in love and dating each other... at the same time?! This can only in in comedy. Might turn it into a Ruby x Harem story. Enjoy! (Girl x Girl, incest, polyamory) If you don't know what RWBY is, go watch it! It's by Rooster Teeth, the people who made Red vs Blue!

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Chapter 1.

Late Night Movie and Confessions

     Remnant’s shattered moon shined onto Beacon Academy’s courtyards, and through multiple dorm windows. All of it’s pieces were currently showing. As the silver light filtered through the window belonging to Team RWBY, a team of first year Huntresses-in-Training. The four young ladies were sleeping soundly, each having a form of a good dream.

     Blackest Day, beautiful, mysterious, quiet, kind, and a bookworm; Blake Belladonna, a cat Faunus hailing from the island Menagerie, who hides her cat ears with a simple black bow.

     Whitest Night, elegant, prideful, exquisite, knowledgeable, and cold; Weiss Schnee, the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, a picture of perfection, down to the scar over her left eye.

     Crimson Morning, kind, optimistic, talkative, thoughtful, and self-less; Ruby Rose, the silver eyed leader of her team, two years younger than anyone in the academy, who is plagued nightly with night terrors.

      Golden Evening, joking, rowdy, strong, passionate, and protective; Yang Xiao Long, the blonde haired brawler, who can take a hit and deal back twice as much damage, plagued with PTSD from her losing her arm in a battle while protecting her teammates.

      The four future Huntresses slowly woke, all at once, which was strange, as they never did anything in sync if weren’t planned. This moment was not planned. Looking at their scrolls, they saw that the time was 1:35 in the morning. They sighed, Ruby going to turn on the light. They waited for their eyes to adjust before stretching. Glancing at each other’s bodies while they stretched, they blushed slightly, but it was barely noticeable. You see, all four of the girls liked one another very much, even the sisters. But they were afraid to voice their feelings, fearing that they would have to choose one and didn’t want to hurt herself or the others. They each went to the bathroom before sitting on their beds. Silence filled the room. It was thick enough that Crescent Rose and Gambol Shroud would have trouble cutting through it. Hell, even Coco’s Gattling Gun would have trouble, and that could cut though Nevermore and Deathstalkers like butter. Finally, one of them spoke.

     “Does anyone wanna watch a movie…?” Ruby asked, putting on her prescripted glasses, tucking a lock of crimson tipped brown hair. Puberty was doing wonders for her. Her silver eyes were more matured, yet still had their child-like wonder in them. She was a C-cup now, and close to Pyrrha’s hight, which is shocking, as the redhead was a little over six foot. Her body was still thin, like a tomboy’s, but she was starting to fill into a womanly figure with long legs, widening hips, and soft, unblemished skin.

     “I don’t see why not…” Yang said, shrugging and yawning, her hip length blond hair in a super thick, braided ponytail. She was slightly shorter than her younger sister, but had a much more womanly figure. She had lilac eyes that turned crimson with rage or when he semblance activates, and she catches on fire while she has it active. She had long tan legs, DD-cup chest, and wide womanly hips. She was lusted over by guys and girls all over the school, even in Vale. Her hands were callused because of her punching everything.

     “Nothing better to do…” replied Weiss, her usual nature showing. Her long, pure white hair was loose and resting flat against her back. She was the shortest student at Beacon, and has the flattest chest, which is an A-cup. She had a somewhat full-grown womanly figure, it being petite like a ballerina or a tomboy. Her ice blue eyes showed both boredom and fatigue.

    “…Spruce Willis please…” Blake said, almost whispering. Her black hair was down to her lower back, her black cat ears on show for the entire world, as she never wore the bow, unless it’s in public, or if anyone is there with their team. She had D-cup breasts, a bit taller than Weiss. She had long legs, and wide hips. Here auburn yellow eyes were so brilliant, they might as well have been miniature suns.

     Ruby nodded and put in The Second Semblance. They all sat together on the floor, leaning against each other for support and warmth. This caused them all to have a slight blush on their cheeks. They were quiet as they watched the thriller. Even quieter when it finished. They had the lights on, and were thinking of how it ended. Eventually, it was Blake who broke the silence.

     “Play Truth or Dare? To lighten the mood?” everyone agreed. She nodded. “Ruby, Truth or Dare”

     The leader thought a minute. “Dare” she said, smirking.

     “I dare you to wear Weiss’ heels all day tomorrow” everyone started giggling. Ruby sighed. “Fine… Yang, Truth or Dare”

     “Dare!” she exclaimed, always up for anything. However, she wasn’t up for this dare.

     “I dare you to read a chapter of Blake’s ‘secret book’ out loud” this caused Weiss to start laughing, Blake to blush, and Yang to look confused. “Which one? Her diary or Ninjas of Love?” she asked, not mentioning that she read both already, twice. in the past day alone. When Ruby shrugged, Yang grabbed Ninjas of Love and went to one of her favorite action scenes, which involved a giant purple dildo sword and monsters. She read it aloud, smirking all the while.  When she finished, everyone was on the edge of her seat. Yang had such a way with words. When she closed the book loudly, she asked Weiss which one she was going to choose. She chose Truth. “Is it true that you hate your father?” the only answer was a nod.

     “Blake, Truth or Dare” Weiss asked.

     “Truth,” Blake said, making sure that her book was put back into it’s spot on her shelf.

     “Who do you have a crush on?” Weiss asked. This caused Blake to freeze and hesitate, if only for a second. However, this was noticed by her teammates.

     “No one…” Blake said as she moved back to her spot on the floor.

     “We saw you hesitate. It’s someone we know, isn’t it?” Ruby asked. Blake simply nodded. They then started to try and get the each other to spill who their crushes were. No one budged or caved into the questioning. Sighing, Ruby moved her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Alright, how about this? The next time we see our crushes, we kiss them full on the lips. Agreed?” they all nod and blush slightly. They go quiet, and, slowly but surely lean into the of the circle. At once, four pairs of lips met, their owner’s eyes widening. They quickly pulled back, their eyes on the ceiling, the wall, the beds, the desks, anywhere but their own teammates.

     “You like three like me the same way?” they asked softly in unison. A couple seconds later and they all nod. They look to each other, their eyes full of excitement. Their hearts were thumping like angry rabbits. Their cheeks set aflame with a shade so dark, it puts Ruby’s cloak /and/ namesake to shame. Blake leaned towards Weiss, kissing her softly. Weiss kissed back, their soft lips pressing against each other. Ruby cupped Yang’s cheek and leaned in so their foreheads were touching. They gave soft, loving pecks against each other’s lips. They all pulled back and did the same to the girl to the opposite direction. Weiss softly kissed Yang, while Yang kissed back with  a hand through Weiss’ hair. Ruby leaned in and kissed Blake, their noses side by side as they kissed. Again, after a second, they pulled back and switch partners. Ruby and Weiss kissed, their smooches warm and oh so soft. Yang and Blake kissed, Blake purring all throughout all the kisses. Soon, they all pulled back, panting and smiling like idiots. Yang was the one to break the silence.

     “So, we’re dating now, or…?” she asked, her heart beating at a million beats per seconds. They nod and lean in to the middle and the four kiss at once. They stand and lay in their beds, trying to sleep. They couldn’t, however. Their minds were occupied with their lovers. The sigh and the two on the top bunks move down and lay beside the one below them, cuddling, smiling, giggling and kissing all the while. They soon fell asleep. Before they succumbed to sleep, they hoped that this wasn’t a dream.
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