Unexpected Love (An Appledash fic)

(This is a human Applejack x Rainbow Dash fic! If you don't like MLP, Appledash, lesbians, or me in general, I don't care! Why are you even here? F*ck off haters!) Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Two different people from different parts of town. They meet for the first time on Freshman year, and slowly grew together as friends. But will friends lead to something more? Will the school accept them?

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Chapter 1.

The Jock and the Country Girl

    Applejack yawned as she picked apples in the dead of night. She's been up since midnight, going around her family's farm, doing her chores so she could have some free time when she got home. As she picked the last apple in the west section of Sweet Apple Acres, her phone vibrated in her back pocket. Pulling it out, she saw that her alarm went off. Putting her phone away, she jumped out of the tree. Grabbing two baskets full of heavy apples, she walked back to the storage shed, where she sorted the apples into neat groups. Finished, she walked into the house and up to her room. She grabbed her outfit for the day, which consisted of a white undershirt, a long-sleeved orange plaid button up shirt, dark blue jean shorts and knee-high leather boots. Setting the clothing aside, she went to shower.
     As she undressed, she smiled, loving how good the summer was for her. Her skin was a dark bronze and her body was slim and toned nicely. She showered, washing her long blonde hair. When she finished, she got dressed. She went to have breakfast, which was a honey crisp apple. When she finished, she smiled. Today was the first day of her freshman year of highschool. She left the house with her backpack and got into the drivers seat of her old rusty pickup truck. After starting the engine, she drove off to Canterlot High.

Rainbow Dash woke as her alarm went off, blaring Dead Memories by Slipknot on repeat. She yawned, stretched and got ready. She took a quick shower, pouting because, while she was a little buff, she has yet hit a growth-spurt. Washed her rainbow streaked hair, she decided it needed to be cut. Getting out of the shower, she grabbed scissors and cut her hair short and uneven, the tomboy look she loved so much. She got dressed. Her outfit consisted of a sky blue tee, a black leather jacket, leather fingerless gloves, black skinny jeans, and dark grey Nikes. using gel, she spiked up her freshly cut hair. She then went downstairs and ate her breakfast, which was an energy bar and a protein shake. She sighed. Today was her first day of freshman year. Was she ready? She was nervous. What if they didn't like her? What if she was an outcast? Chuckling, she shook her head. If she thought negative, her day would be negative.
     Going to her backyard, she knelt in front of two stones, which were side by side together. She smiled sadly, tears in her eyes. "Mom... Dad... you're little Dashie is all grown up now..." she said, placing a picture in between tne gravestones. It was of her father standing on the left, mother on the right and a middle 7th grade version of her in the middle. They were making funny faces. The picture was taken hours before her parents were shot dead in an alleyway on their way home from the carnival. She was spared because of the killer running out of bullets. She called the police and knelt by her parents, hands on their chests in an attempt to stop the bleeding. By the time the police arrived, her parents were long dead, the young Dash's hands and lower arms were covered in blood, her white clothing stained crimson. Snapping out of the memory, Rainbow found she was crying. Drying the tears, she hugged the stones and went into her garage. She got on her motorcycle with her backpack and drove off to Canterlot High. But, no matter how much she tried, she could never forget that night.

[There you go! Chapter one! I hope you like it. Poor RD, right? And, surely AJ has some sorrow in her life as well. This chapter was just about the basics, like, the character's life styles, their looks, their habits, etc. Anyways, I'll see you guys next time in Chapter two, The Meeting!]
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