I Do What Is Enough For You (preview)

I Do What Is Enough For You (preview)

So many people struggle with identity, depression, and anxiety plus many other things. Based on my experiences and fear that I have, I decided to make a story based off of this! Though, this is only a preview to see what people think. With that said, I hope you enjoy! WARNING: Sensitive topics like depression and suicidal thoughts will be in this story!

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Just a Normal Day...of Panic (Only chapter for now :D)

Just a Normal Day...of Panic (Only chapter for now :D)

3:15 AM: Still can't fall asleep, it seems no matter what I do I always find myself tossing and turning. Sadly, all my past memories prevent me from falling asleep. No matter what I do those horrible thoughts just won't leave my head! I am such a terrible person, making stupid choices for people that don't even matter. This isn't helping, I need to think positive! I try to think about things that make me happy... that didn't work because it would either give me a dark memory, or I just make something sad up, I'm HOPELESS!
3:35 AM: still can't fall asleep, and there's nothing to do honestly. I start to hum a melody of a song my friend Ethan made for me, he really is the one person I look forward to seeing everyday (and my family too, of course). He always knows how to make me smile! He also knows how to play with my emotions...*sigh* what a guy!
4:10 AM: Finally, I fell asleep. I start thinking in my head about what to do tomorrow. Summer is almost over and I spent most of it bottled up in my room. I think that I should probably draw something, that can keep my mind off of sad thoughts for a while! Should be easy, right?
2:30 PM: I can't believe I slept for so long! (again) I really should change my sleeping schedule huh? I get up, my stepsister surprises me with a hug. "Uh, hi Zoey!" I was really startled that she was right in front of me the moment I walked upstairs..."Hi!! I wanted to give you a surprise hug!" I laugh and manage to give a smile. she lets go of me. My brother walks in the room, "When did you wake up?" he asked me. "Just now..." I shake my head a little, still trying to wake up. My head hurts, I make my way to the couch and I sit down to watch TV.
3:15 PM: I go outside on our deck and stare, it's so peaceful here. Suddenly, I hear a man's voice, "Hey kid!" I look over, is he seriously taking to me? Our neighbor waves at me with a huge smile on his face. I wave back, "Uh, h-hello!" my heart starts pounding, and my head hurts even more now...I try to walk back inside, but I'm stuck, I can't move! He opens his gate and walks over to our deck, he's on our property without out permission! "Are you new here?" he asked with a big smile on his face. "Uh...yes, what are you doing near my house?" He pats me on the back "Just tryna' greet new people! I know a lot about this place, that people that have been here for over 30 years don't even know about!" I sigh, I just want to run away from this creep. "Like what?" He laughs "A lot of people have been covering things up, they pretend to be someone they aren't, to hide the facts they've committed so many crimes! You never really know who is safe to talk to, or what place hasn't been filled up with lies and murder. They media can tell you all about it, in a world where you can only make one choice, sometimes you just wish you can go back and change everything, just to make yourself a better person. Just to keep yourself pure." I kept hearing mumbles, and a slight ringing in my ear, I couldn't understand what he was talking about! I pushed him away and he fell over the deck and hit his head on the ground I ran inside, he got back up and started banging on my door, I open the door to the basement and I black out and fall down the stairs. (That's all for now everyone! See you later! ;3)
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