21 Days

21 Days

Lilac and Ruby have come down with a deadly disease. They only have 21 days left to live. Their parents, Sapphire and Surge and Maria and Ruby, have to face the fact that they might not have their daughters for much longer. Will the girls survive? How will the family cope? Will the family be torn apart? They have 21 days to find out...

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Day One - "How can we cope?"

"Dad.. I'm scared... What if we don't make it?" Ruby's soft but scared voice rang through Shadow's ears causing him to look up from where he was sat by his daughters bedside
"It won't happen Ruby. You'll be fine. Theres no need to be scared" He reached up and gently ran his hand through his daughters quills. She looked so much like her mother and Shadow was scared to lose her. Even if he didnt want to show it.
"Im scared that i might not be able to meet My brother when he arrives" Maria was 8 months pregnant with her second child and was having a hard time moving around so she couldnt comfort Ruby as much as she would like to.
"Im sure you will Ruby, Im sure you will.." Ruby didn't respond. She couldnt. She had passed out again. This was one of the effects of her disease. That she would pass out for a long period of time. Knowing that there was nothing he could do, Shadow kissed his daughters head and walked out to check on his wife.

"How you feeling lilac?" Sapphire walked into her daughters room and sat by her. Lilac hadnt got the disease as bad as her cousin but it still affects her movement.
'Weak' Lilac signed. Lilac was mute so she had to either sign words or write them down and as she got weaker and weaker she was having to write things down more often.
"I know sweetheart. The only thing we can do is give you your medicine... " Sapphire sighed. She was so worried about Lilac. She had never been ill before.
'Mum.. Hows Ruby...?'
"Unconsious again.. How are we going to cope..."
'We will mum. Just have hope. We can do this...' And with that, Lilac slipped off to sleep

Sapphire went downstairs to the rest of the family and sat next to surge.
"How is she?"
"Weak.. She's asleep now" sapphire rested her head on surges shoulders and a few tears fall down her cheeks
"Sis... Its going to be hard i know but we need to be strong for them" Maria, Who was laying down on the sofa sat up and put a hand on her stomach "We can do this"
"But how are we going to cope without them...?"
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Omg!!! Finish it!!!! I wanna find out what happens to lilac and Ruby! And by the way, no offense but... REST IN PEPPERONIS RUBY AND LILAC!!! XD
on April 30, 2017
on December 10, 2016
on December 10, 2016