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Who still likes SAO?
Feeling like I'm the only SAO fan left, would be nice to know if there are still some fans out there
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Why does my mum always tell me I smell?
Okay, I have a shower every single day and every single day my mum tells me that i smell. It's starting to really annoy me. Yes i put deodorant on straight after and clean those areas but. Ugh. Someone help.
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Who else watches PreCure?
PreCure is an anime metaseries which i absolutely love watching. Was just wondering if any one else does, if so, can we be friends?
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What's so great about Iphones?
I'm an Andriod user myself and have never touched an Iphone in my life and was just wondering whats so great about them. Yes, Iphones have Siri, A version of which i wish Andriod had but other than that they arent that great? A...
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How would you love someone to propose to you?
What is your ideal setting for someone to propose to you? Is it in the middle of a field under the stars or when your out doing your favourite thing? This isn't just restricted to us girls! Boys! If you were proposed to, how wo...
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Which Fairy Tail character are you most like?
And why?
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What is your dream? (1)
We all have a dream, well most of us do anyway. Whats yours? Is it something you want to achieve in life? To meet someone close to you? To be cured of a disease? Whatever it is, feel free to post what it is, and there will be n...
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Questions for Glaceon!
If you have any questions for this little Glaceon, feel free to ask them!
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Which is your favorite group of PreCure?
Should i stay on Qfeast?
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What is your opinion on me?
Just lately ive been feeling really left out and... Something is making me feel like i dont fit in.. So i want to know my good and bad points.. Please be honest, idc if it hurts, i just want to know
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Stories... What to write?
I would like to write a story but i dont know what to write. I need some story ideas. It must include/be: Fandom: Sonic Genre: Romance/Adventure Characters: I would like to include at maximum 3 of close friends ocs If you have ...
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In your opinion, how can i make myself a better person?
Most people here on Qfeast hate me. I want to change that. I want to become a better person so that i can make more friends and improve how i come accros to other people. So i want your opinion. I want to know, honestly, what i...
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What do you not like about me?
Self explanitory
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