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Would I date you? (35)
Okay, So I know I'm a sheep following a Shepard by creating this quiz. It's going around a lot lately but hey, I'm actually really curious as to who would date me. Comment what you get! Also, This quiz is for boys and girls. I ...
11 responses 5 by ThatAnimeGirl
Are you an Angel or a Demon? (3)
This here is a test to find out which you are. Angel or Demon. Im a Demon. Enjoy guys! *peace sign*
39 responses 3 by ThatAnimeGirl
How well do you know AKB(00)48 songs?
I was bored so I decided to great a quiz on how well you know songs from AKB(00)48! Good luck! (Btw, it will be edited in the future, phone is nearly dying DX)
7 responses 6 by ThatAnimeGirl