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A Commpliment A Day Keeps The Depression Away
This page is for positivity only! Compliment other users here and watch how you make them smile. The only rule is, if your complimented, you must compliment the person who complimented you back. Have fun! <3
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My SAO Characters
This is a page where I can put all of my SAO characters along with images.
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GaLe Fanpage!
This is a page for those who ship one of Fairy Tails cutest couples: Gajeel x Levy! Images, stories, comics, anything can be posted here! Membership page only - To avoid horrible posts and comments.
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All things Fairy Tail
This is a page dedicated to Fairy Tail. There can be Memes, Images, Videos. Anything related to Fairy Tail! It can be absolutely anything!
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Thoughts for those injured and killed in Manchester 22/05/17
This is a page where you can post your thoughts to those injured and/or killed in the Manchester Terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert on 22/05/17. May those killed Rest In Peace ❤
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