Judgement of Sins - Incomplete

Judgement of Sins - Incomplete

Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, these are reason for why 14 people are put into a game of life and death. Who will live who will die? You'll just have to see... Please, comment how you felt about the story and rate it whatever you like it should be rated!

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Chapter 1.

Part 1: Learning the Basics

As I awaken I find myself in a dark room. I am dazed and confused as I try to move my arms, only finding that I am handcuffed. I try to recall the last thing I remember. I was at work that day doing the things that I usually do. Then, that night after work I remember I had missed the train to my neighborhood. I had to walk home by that point and while I was walking, something happened. Wait a minute. I...missed the train? I've never miss the train. Well, no that's not right...the first couple days of work I missed the train. But, after that I've never miss the train again. I always plan ahead to make sure that I don't. So, why didn't I get on the train? Think harder! I don't remember anything else, only darkness. As I get up, I see that my eyes have gotten use to the dark. However, there is a slight red tinge of some kind to my vision. Weird. As I stand there I feel something on my head. I look in the mirror to see if there is something wrong with me. When I look in the mirror I see that I have a business suit and tie on, but there's something else. A mask. I can see that there is a mask on me, but I don't know what it looks like. I look around the room for a couple more minutes. I can't see much except vague shapes in the dark because there is no windows to produce light. "What in the-" suddenly the lights come on, stunning and blinding me momentarily. "Agh, where am I!?" I think aloud. I look at the mirror. I finally get a clear look at what I look like in the mirror. I see a lion mask. There's a lion mask with plastic red eyes, light beige "skin", and a orange mane on my head. The "skin" is a little torn in places. As I look around the room I see a bed, a monitor above what I can only assume is the entrance to this room, a sink, a toilet, a chart of some kind, a camera on the ceiling tucked away in the corner, a light fixture in the ceiling, a small camera attached to the roof staring at me, a light fixture in the ceiling and all of it in a room consisting of grey stone stone walls, ceiling, and roof. I go over to the chart and read it. "Mask=Sin" and below it was, "Pig=Gluttony, Horse=Wrath, Bear=Sloth, Cat=Lust, Lion=Pride, Rabbit=Envy, Fox=Greed" and at the very bottom of the chart was, "These Are The Seven Deadly Sins." Pride? Sure people have said that I am pretty full of myself and tend to ignore other people's opinion, but what does that have to do with what's happening to me? But before I could think harder about the situation I am in, the monitor jolts to life and displays the words, "Welcome to my game." Then, it starts speaking after a couple minutes in a monotone female voice,

"You may be asking where you are."

"Ah!" I let out a little yelp, I didn't expect it to start talking.

"But that matters not. What does matter, is that you are here because you have committed one of the seven deadly sins and have ruined others' lives because of it. So you shall atone for it by giving up either your life or your sanity. There are seven rules in this game.

1. You are to vote for a person to sacrifice every seven hours and you have seven minutes to decide who you will choose and you can use the chart in your room to help you decide if you want, but you will still be a loud to sleep for only seven hours per day and you will be told when it's time to go to bed
2. If you do not vote before the time limit you and the person with the most amount of votes shall die
3. You will vote by saying it out loud
4. Only 1 people will live to the end of the game
5. The only way to get your mask off is either if you die or escape
6. You are not allowed to vote for yourself in the judgments

Those are the rules. Now you better decide on who you want to vote for. Because the first judgement is about to begin. Good luck."

I wait for a moment. Where is the seventh rule? . It said that there was seven rules didn't it? I guess it doesn't matter for now, but I'm sure I will find out soon enough.
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