All Hope Lost

All Hope Lost

All hope is lost. Keisha is missing. So is Carter. And Mia. Vincent doesn't know what to do, so he takes a job at the place they are most likely to be: Keisha's Party Center. He helped build the animatronics in there, he even named one after Keisha. But even though it was a fun place, Vince feared what happened at the old location, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, would happen again. He had gotten control of his... problem (see my other story 'Torn Apart')... it might come back, or happen to someone else. . . . And it did.

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Chapter 1.
Phone Calls

Phone Calls

     Vincent was in his bed, asleep. It was around midnight, but the phone started ringing. He got up and walked to the phone. >What's so important that someone would call at...< He checked the clock. >11: 38 at night?< But somethis WAS important. Too important to be any later.
"Hello, Hello, is this the home of... Vincent Trap?" It sounded like his brother, Mike. "Yeah, who is this?" "Oh thank God Vince. It's Mike." Yep, Mike. "Wazzup bro, it's like midnight." "Vincent, is Keisha home with you?" Vincent heard urgency in his brother's voice. Keisha was at Mike and Mary's house with Mia and Carter for a get-together. He still didn't leave his house before 9:00. "No, why? is something wrong? did something happen!?" "Keisha is gone, Carter and Mia too. Mary doesn't know what happened to them either. I'm going to report them missing to the police."
     This was bad. Keisha never did that stuff usually. And she would be home by know... "What time did they go missing, what were you doing!?" Vincent was practically shouting into the phone. He looked in the mirror. His eyes, which were usually chocolate brown, were taking on a purple tinge. "It was around 9:00. We were taking Libby, our neighbor's neice, to the KPC."
      KPC. Keisha's Party Center. Vincent had helped his dad build those robots when he was starting to date Keisha, so he had his dad name the cat one after her.
     "Bro, I'm coming over, right now. I'm already in my car."
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