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Remember Me? (Ink x Error story)
Well, whoop-dee-doodle-do I am truly Shipping Trash if I do say so myself. I have stooped to this level and it is fun.
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This takes place after a neutral run. Frisk has only left Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, and Alphys, and a few other monsters alive. They have mixed, and new species of monsters have formed, Dr. Gaster (Who snapped back into existence ...
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All Hope Lost
All hope is lost. Keisha is missing. So is Carter. And Mia. Vincent doesn't know what to do, so he takes a job at the place they are most likely to be: Keisha's Party Center. He helped build the animatronics in there, he even n...
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the Price of Life
This is a story about two sisters. Their names are Hi and Yoru. Day and Night. They are stuck in a wilderness, trying to find civilization, only to find they are trapped in an alternate dimension. There are small groups of othe...
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torn apart
have you ever wondered what caused Purple Guy to go in his downward spiral? here's your answer. This will be written as letters from Vincent to Mike. They are brothers in this. (this fanfic is completely separate from my other ...
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My Prophetic Dream
this is a story about one of my many prophetic dreams, but this is the most hilariously stupid and pointless ones that only make sense about 4 years after I have them. oh, the chapters also have some really crappy titles.
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