Remember Me? (Ink x Error story)

Remember Me? (Ink x Error story)

Well, whoop-dee-doodle-do I am truly Shipping Trash if I do say so myself. I have stooped to this level and it is fun.

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Chapter 1.

That one where everything changes or goes wrong

   "I-Ink? Are you o-ok? Oh, your arm-rm! I'll g-get you back to the voi-oid. Ugh, you're-re s-so heav-av-avy!" A black-boned, glitched skeleton with blue tear tracks said, looking at another skeleton with a large parka-like coat and a paint brush. "D-don't worry, Error, I'll be fine. Let's get back home." Blue strings came out of Error's fingertips and circled Ink's Soul. He used his other hand to open a hole in the file they were in and Error stepped onto a blue road floating in the void, Ink in tow behind him.
   "Ok-k, Ink, wh-hat do I do n-now? I know-ow the thi-ing you do wi-ith the paintbru-u-u-u-ush... Should-ould I do that-that? Oh, what hap-appened to your ar-arm?" Error was standing over Ink with Ink's paintbrush. He "painted" over where his arm used to be, and it regenerated. "Long story short: the only one left from Frisk/Chara's run was a Sans... But he tried to kill me. He 'isn't gonna leave this dump... They'll reset. They always do.' Core Frisk isn't going to like that. They'll go take him by force, if they have to. Error looked surprised. "Wh-Why would-uld he wan-nt to st-stay-ay? Doesn't-oesn't he know the-they move to a differ-er-erent time-imeline whe-en they re-re-reset?"
   They sat in silence for a while looking into each others' eyes. Error's shock blue tear streaks faded to a light blue shadow, and Ink's star eye glowed with golden-and-blue light. "Ink! You worr-ou worried me! Why-hy did y-you even take-ake that job? I-I tol-old you it-t wa-as dan-danger-angerous! We coul-ould have stayed i-in the voiiiiiiiiid togethe-ether! And I-I would-ouldn't have to..." "Oh, I didn't know you felt like that, you wouldn't have t- Wait what wouldn't you have to do? And why do you... Disappear sometimes? You've been keeping secrets from me. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO!?" "Ink... I wo-on't blame y-you if you ha-ate me aft-ter this..." "Tell me already!!!" ">sigh...< Frisk/Chara were-eren't the one-nes who destroy-oyed most o-of those time-imeli-lines... It was ME-EEE. I kil-illd beca-ause I-I was sca-ared of being... Ig-ignored. I st-tarted before I me-et you. And the-en I cou-oul-ouldn't stop. For-orgive me, I've done thin-ngs I shoul-uldent be capib-apible of doing." Ink, who was lying down, sat bolt upright. He grabbed his paintbrush and before Error could do anything, Ink "painted" him to the wall. "WHAT!?"
   An hour or so filled with lots of screaming at each other and explaining later, Error had gotten off the wall and had his strings on Ink's soul. He looked like he was about to shatter it, when he let his strings off. "Bye-ye. I'll leave now. It-it's not li-ike you'll mis-iss me." He opened a hole to one of the ruined timelines he stayed in when he wanted to be alone. He looked back; this was the first time Ink ever saw Error actually crying. "Error- please don't lea-" the rift closed before Ink finished his sentence.
    The thing was, in that particular file, Error didn't speak in a glitched way. It was just... Normal. Unlike other places.
   Error opened his mind. He hid his brother in this file, In a place where it wasn't... Destroyed.
   >Pappy? Ya there? I... Need to talk to you. In person.< He didn't even need to speak to talk to Error Papyrus. Not in this file. Soon, Error heard something back from Pappy.
   >Oh, ok. I'm back here at the house. Where have you been, Sans? It's been... Four months?< He hadn't realized it had been that long. >Oh. Four months? I'll be right there. Just let me take a SHORTCUT.< The area around Error glowed purplish-red. There was a 'pop' sound, then he was gone, just before Ink opened a file-hole to look for Error.
   "Hey, Paps, how's it going? I RELISH in the fact I get to see you again!" Papyrus rolled his eyes. "Ha, ha. I'll get the relish out of the fridge. Want some ramen?" "Sure, I'll have it with relish on it. Hey... Do you know of a guy that... Kind of looks like me... But he's not glitched, and has a giant paintbrush? I know some... Others... Come here sometimes, right?" Papyrus looked confused for a second, then his eyes glowed green in recognition. "Oh, yes. They all said stuff about 'Core Frisk' or something, and said that 'Ink Sans' wasn't going to be happy. When I asked, he sounded kind of like what you just described. Why do you ask?" Error looked extremely uncomfortable. "Well..."
   After about three hours of explaining everything that happened when he wasn't there, Error fell silent. Papyrus looked horrified, then sad, then worried. He wrapped Error in a giant hug. "Sans, why did you not tell me earlier!? I could have helped with... All of that! Please stop, um, k-killing people. It... Doesn't feel right." Suddenly, Error glitched and started crying. "I tri-ried to st-stop but I cou-oul-ldent. That's wh-why I'm goi-oing to stay here-ere from no-now on." Pappy looked freaked out. "Sans... Your voice. It's glitching! Calm down before it gets worse!"
   The door swung open. "Err- huh?" It was Ink. Error was worried. "O-Oh, uh, Ink, what are you doing-oing here?" He laughed nervously. Ink threw himself on Error. "Dear, God, Error, I was worried! Why did you leave!? Don't ever do that to me again!" He saw Papyrus and let go of Error . "Uuuh... Who's this? Uh... Papyrus, right?" Pappy looked confused. "H-how do you know my name? Oh. You're Ink Sans. I've heard about you, and about the timelines... Files... Whatever they are. And why do you keep calling my brother 'Error' and not just 'Sans'? It is... Quite confusing." Error butted in at that moment, he had just calmed down and his voice was no longer glitching. "Ok, so. We're both Sans, but not the same, so we call each other by what universe we're from, so it doesn't get confusing among us." "Yes, that's righ- wait. Error, why isn't your voice glitching? I only just noticed." "It has something to do with this file. It makes my - our voices regular. My voice still glitches when I'm at extremes, so it's not foolproof." There was silence for while.
   Papyrus was making ramen for the three of them, Ink was tiding up the house, and Error was pretending to be asleep so he could look at how cute Ink was when he was cleaning. After everything was done, they ate and talked.
   Pappy felt kind of uncomfortable with Ink there. >Sans? When is this... Ink going to leave? And what's with the paintbrush?< Error was surprised at how Papyrus mind-spoke when they were near each other, but he got the reason why. >I'll have him go soon... No guarantee he'll leave, though. You saw how he reacted when he came in. And the paintbrush... Something to do with what timeline he came from.< >Oh.< Ink looked up from his ramen. "You guys psychic or something? You haven't been talking much."
   "Um, Ink? You're gonna have to leave soon. Pappy's pretty uncomfortable with you here." "Aren't you coming home with me? I'll be lonely without you." "You can come visit. Or I could go. But I'm staying here. It's been four months since I last came here, and my 'lil bro was alone the whole time! Here. There are... Others." Error handed Ink a piece of paper with writing on it. "It says where the rest of the Errors are. Find them and bring them here, please? I know they're all alive. Tell them... Their Sans is waiting."
   And that's what Ink did. He sent back everyone from Metaton to Whismur to even Jerry. At first, Undyne didn't trust Ink, until he said that he wouldn't do this unless he was serious, and Dr. W. D. Gaster (who was never corrupted in his timeline) said he wanted to run some tests on Ink, which he reluctantly agreed to. Whismur kept running away, and Jerry was being annoying (as always). When Ink finally got everyone back, he went to the Classic timeline and sent back some Echo Flowers, with a message saying that he hoped everything would go well.  
   But, even the most perfect plans have their flaws. Error was so happy with all his friends, he had forgotten to visit Ink. Ink had been so busy, he had forgotten to visit Error. They both slowly forgot about each other, about the good times they had together, and how they loved each other.
     Until one day.(ba-ba-baaaan)
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