Fiction and Nonfiction
Did You Do It?
This is a mystery story. It takes place at school and the main character is Beatrice. She tries to figure out who did the crime at school but meets some important people while do it...
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Secrets (book 1)
prologue Then I remembered that day so vividly... my father lying dead on the floor my mother holding the gun my mother… the one to blame
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bookmark of demise project
The stories are based off of Japanese children's games and urban legends such as one-man hide and seek, doppelgangers, mearry's phone and monkey paw. On the normal, unchanging campus, it suddenly occurred; A murder case where a...
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A different dimension
This is a story where you need to decide what to next! The story is about you (yourself) who is moving to a new town but they meet a twin from a different dimension. This is my first story so enjoy! More will come soon! (Note!...
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The Red Pools
Mystery Story created for English Class in 7th grade. I have to thank my friends for giving me ideas for this text
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Sheerluck Homes: A Study In Think
Sheerluck and Lou solve another case (though it is there first). Please don't hate this is my first one :)
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Descent into madness
This is the story of a woman and her journey into madness. watch as she turns murder into a game of cat and mouse.
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Tunnels of Darkness
Ever wondered were the kids of apprehended dictators and convicted murderers go? They end up at the Mabuz orthonage, an old castle on an otherwise deserted island. The staff at the orthonage don't care about the kids- even when...
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Heart without beat
This is about crystal the hedgehog past, and of course i changed her past because it didnt maked sences :/ so, here you go, hope you enjoy :3
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The lovespell
Avril thinks she has found true love in an older, charming and extremely good looking man but does a fairytale come as easy for anyone. Find out how Avril conquers the love spell that was cast upon her. Will she ever find true ...
18 reads 9 readers 3
Face the Truth
This is just a story I have been working on in my free time. It's a story set in the past full of twists, turns, love, murder, and betrayal. If I get good reviews perhaps I will post the rest of what I have! So if you like it, ...
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When my dream came true
This story features Shadow and his impossible love... Shadow x Maria shippers, that's for you! :)
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TMM Canon Story
TMM is a murder game that chooses random contestants to fight in multiple rounds, the first one out wins. Of course, the murderer won't allow that.
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The mystery murder of katie
A female wolf named katie iz the youngest in the pack she has alot of brothers that bully her. Her dad is the alpha of the pack, her mom was a vegie eater. But she didn't know breaking one rule of the family would change her li...
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she looked at me "how?" I sippley said she just replyed with a nod then the scream came
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the fort under grond
this is completley random and kinda long im working on making the story short but whatever
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Taken Away...
This is a story about a girl whose father dies and no-body knows how. The girl (her name is Sarah) thinks her stepmother murdered him because of his great fortune. Sarah and her brother Jonathan are whisked of on a nightmare no...
15 reads 6 readers 3
The Dreamer that never Forgot
This is a story I wrote. (Of course XD) I made it because I was inspired by my awry dreams, they were always strange but the same person appears in it.
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The Deadly Love Letter
Sparkie Davidson just received a sweet letter from an awesome admirer. But, with that letter there has been bad stuff happening to her. Not any old bad stuff. A possessive best friend who wants to be more than friends and is je...
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Forbidden Girls (3 Book Series Including Special Edition)
Marie, Kathleen and Rita are all Forbidden Girls, lets say, girls that weren't supposed to be made. Mistakes, misfortune. But that's what makes them forbidden girls. So, why were they formed together? What secrets will they dis...
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