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Heart without beat
This is about crystal the hedgehog past, and of course i changed her past because it didnt maked sences :/ so, here you go, hope you enjoy :3
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The lovespell
Avril thinks she has found true love in an older, charming and extremely good looking man but does a fairytale come as easy for anyone. Find out how Avril conquers the love spell that was cast upon her. Will she ever find true ...
18 reads 9 readers 3 by rosebud.dicarprio
Face the Truth
This is just a story I have been working on in my free time. It's a story set in the past full of twists, turns, love, murder, and betrayal. If I get good reviews perhaps I will post the rest of what I have! So if you like it, ...
41 reads 16 readers 8 by TossedWhisper4
When my dream came true
This story features Shadow and his impossible love... Shadow x Maria shippers, that's for you! :)
12 reads 9 readers 2 by MayaTheHedgehog
TMM Canon Story
TMM is a murder game that chooses random contestants to fight in multiple rounds, the first one out wins. Of course, the murderer won't allow that.
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The mystery murder of katie
A female wolf named katie iz the youngest in the pack she has alot of brothers that bully her. Her dad is the alpha of the pack, her mom was a vegie eater. But she didn't know breaking one rule of the family would change her li...
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she looked at me "how?" I sippley said she just replyed with a nod then the scream came
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the fort under grond
this is completley random and kinda long im working on making the story short but whatever
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Taken Away...
This is a story about a girl whose father dies and no-body knows how. The girl (her name is Sarah) thinks her stepmother murdered him because of his great fortune. Sarah and her brother Jonathan are whisked of on a nightmare no...
15 reads 6 readers 3 by littlemixer34
The Dreamer that never Forgot
This is a story I wrote. (Of course XD) I made it because I was inspired by my awry dreams, they were always strange but the same person appears in it.
10 reads 8 readers 0 by Miss.Red
The Deadly Love Letter
Sparkie Davidson just received a sweet letter from an awesome admirer. But, with that letter there has been bad stuff happening to her. Not any old bad stuff. A possessive best friend who wants to be more than friends and is je...
15 reads 6 readers 3 by kitty_degrassian
Forbidden Girls (3 Book Series Including Special Edition)
Marie, Kathleen and Rita are all Forbidden Girls, lets say, girls that weren't supposed to be made. Mistakes, misfortune. But that's what makes them forbidden girls. So, why were they formed together? What secrets will they dis...
10 reads 7 readers 5 by Cupcakese
Rose, Queen of the Vampires
After a 100 years ago, the Queen is back.. what will happen to those involved in her death?? This story is about an ordinary girl and how her life changes as she unveils the secrets of the Queen of Vampires!!
29 reads 16 readers 10 by Akane
Weird Symbols
I collected some symbols of of comments on my Facebook account. :) Here they are.
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The Haunted Mansion (1)
this story is about Julia and her brother Adam move into a old haunted house that her mom inherited from there gram's
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The Death Murder of Marie's Boyfriend
it is about Marie Boyfriend who got murdered by someone and she finds out it was someone who was close to her and they live in London
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The Voices
Echo, Test Subject 21, whatever she is named has finally ran from the asylum she was kept at for so many years. But she doesn't know anything about herself and she only has the emotions in her head to keep her sane.
24 reads 10 readers 4 by Free_The_Silence
Forbidden desires with Crimson Betrayal
simple, i suck at these but oh well... C, no one knows her and the Death Note world had no clue as well, but she wanted it this way. That's too bad because the Death Note is calling. L knows something, wait, how do they know ea...
5 reads 4 readers 1 by psychoticalice
I'm starting a new mini series as a relaxation from thinking about the other stories. It's a about a man around the age of 20 whose a detective.
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