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TMM is a murder game that chooses random contestants to fight in multiple rounds, the first one out wins. Of course, the murderer won't allow that.

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This is PAUL signing off my tacky ass shit I'm doing this summer. Heck, i have nothing to do. Completely bored and all i have is my computer, god. If i could switch lives with someone i would switch it with Roblox. Yeah, he's all swag and chill in summer cause he got like 1 billion fans and shit. He is so lucky, that imcompetitent asshole.



Gets easily bored at times, mostly plays his IRONIC games on his computer. Quite bad at LISTENING, MATHS, ETC. Has a whole pile of shit in his room, literally. He lives in a farm what do you expect? Gets pissed when his needs for entertainment get taken away from him. Like his COMPUTER, IPAD, ETC.

You throw your novel on the floor.

Hell, im stoked to have a motherfukin' BOOK in here. Thats how bored i am guys, like seriously. DAMN. DAMN. DOUBLE DAMN.

kk, can you read this JC?

This is Jeff signing off. Yes, i like summer so much and i have no god damn idea why Paul isn't enjoying it. Im so grateful for the life i have, its like life is life. Make the most of it not be like, "ugh i hate my life.. ugh.." plus, Roblox has a career. We have to be patient, not be like, "uhhh can i have my career now??" when your 4 years old.

kk, P read this now.

Ok, I'm getting off my computer for like a long time. LONG LONG LONG TIME!

Because i know people call me the fun president or the over excited asshole but that doesn't mean like.. UGH IM SICK.

kk, P and AD read this.



An over excitedly cheerful guy, very FAST and ENERGETIC. But when he gets called names, he is easily offended and takes it really personally. He spends time being GRATEFUL and likes TEACHING people lessons. He listens to whoever he pleases, so basically he was raised well. The only downside is his dread metre. He is a scaredy-cat.

You hop up off your chair. You go look around your house in curiosity, scanning the place for new entertainment you'll be grateful of.

Oh look a television.

On a table.

In a box..

That says.. "package moving..'

And then you thought, thats why people should be grateful. Because your obviously never going to see your TV again. Ah, memories.

Time to cower in your bedroom hiding from the special event coming.

The Mad Murderer is that event, at least 14 people will be chosen for The Mad Murderer. Your personalities may change during your time at TMM maps. Haha, the event will happen tomorrow.

Since you have no TV. You decide chatting with your pals.

--Jeff has created a party chat with several people.--

Ok Jeff signing in, kk so like is anyone scared of TMM?

--Paul has joined--

Nyah, so you basically party me to talk about TMM? Wow. kk dude i don't wanna hear TMM again.

--Jack has joined--


Shut up Jack.

--Ethan has joined--

That was dumb. BRING MORE FIRE.

--Peter has joined--

Practically fire cannot be lit from a technical device, if it could the cropretheus of the main frame would evaporate into air which causes a explosion, this explosion is the reason why atom bombs are planted into nuclear servers due to underestimated hacking beyond time.


Genetically i am not a nerd, i am basically a cargo genetist. Which is scientifically a 'smart person'.


That is very condescended.

Wow guys you lit a dumb ass fight. So why did you invite Jack again Jeff?

Not really sure but i like all my friends.

Awww.. Thats stupid!

I do not give a damn bro.

--Jen has joined--

XD! Hai guys!

Oh hey.. Jen.. Its Paul here!

XD! Hai Paul!!

XD is another fragment of the letter X and D continuously used in the world. Even Roblox has borrowed the physiology of this unrooted facial expression yes.

XD what??


Shut up Jack for gods sake.

XD yeah shut up bum!!

So anyway.. FLAME WAR! But I'm tired, going to bed. ETHAN SIGNING OUT!

kk bye Ethan! :D

kk guys we got off topic. TMM.

DX kinda scared..


--Adam has joined--

yOu guys leaving me out??

Of course not Adam my pal!

XD no we not!!

--Tom has joined--


Sorry i knocked over my water bottle off;'dqwwdq4

Oops i fell.

Oops i farted.


--Rick has joined--

Jeff you said 7..

Um did i?? I meant 8! We couldn't forget Rickey could we??

Please refrain from calling me rickey.

Alright Rickey! :D

Grr.. So i entered my raffle in TMM.




Wait whaattt? Your brave!! D:

Whats so scary bout TMM? Seriously, am i the only man here? Thats a double yes.

Do you know what happens when you are MURDERED?


Well, if you get murdered multiple times. Then you will eventually die, and.. Theres no turning back when you enter that raffle..

Oh i entered all of your raffles so i will not be alone.

DX We will die..

**To be continued**
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