The mystery murder of katie

A female wolf named katie iz the youngest in the pack she has alot of brothers that bully her. Her dad is the alpha of the pack, her mom was a vegie eater. But she didn't know breaking one rule of the family would change her life forever...

published on June 25, 20146 reads 4 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Born cub

My family lives  at an abandoned house of course in the wooded area i am 5 years old i won't be able t transform until i am 16 years old. ''Where am i?'',i whispered. I am not much of a talker at this age. Something started to glow it was bright gold and shiny. It started talking and saying ''follow me...'' The more i followed it the more it turned from dark yellow to orange! The more it changed colors the faster it went the dizzyer i was feeling. Right then it turned from orange to red!!! I started t run as fast as i can until i saw the red light completely gone until i screamed ''STOP!!!!!!'' That's when i heard a deep deep voice yell ''YOUR PARENTS ARE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!'' He showed a vision of my parents fighting but my parents would never do that...would. I opened both eyes all a dream the whole time.I sighed for a moment but my vision started to get blur was it a dream or am i still dreaming? The strange blur stopped when i heard barking and growling. I quickly ran outside to see something horrifying both my parents were fighting not yelling literally tearing each other to shreds just like the dream.
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