The Deadly Love Letter

Sparkie Davidson just received a sweet letter from an awesome admirer. But, with that letter there has been bad stuff happening to her. Not any old bad stuff. A possessive best friend who wants to be more than friends and is jealous and tries to catch her eye with unexpected taunts

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1: I am coming for you, are you there?

"Yeah, its me"
"Oh. Hey"
"Listen, are you going to the Jeroldo Mall tonight?"
"No. Why?"
"I was hoping to catch a movie with you."
"Sweet. But I can't."
"Cool. I can swoop by. We could go to the library."
"Nah, I'm happier alone."
"Hm. Okay, Spark. Adieu"

I didn't mean to let Renaldo down so easy. He was the bread to my butter. But, lately, after I received an awesome letter by a sweet admirer......he's been asking me out.

Dear Sparkie.
     You're electric blue eyes charge me like an electric plant. You're hair leaves an impact as I see it blow. You're lips are red as a pretty ripe strawberry. I wonder if they taste like one when I walk by and I smell your Chapstick aroma.
                              _ Butterfinger
I don't know who calls themselves Butterfinger, but I do know this: Whoever it is likes auburn ponytails.
My phone buzzed again. It was Ren. Again. Ohmigosh.
" Hey Spark. Sorry to bother ya. Just calling to see if you were available Wednesday night. Thursday's a Teacher- School Administrator conference at Ohio. Please say yes. I wanted to take you to the new restaurant around Chicago."
"That's like 3 hours away. Are you sure?"
"Yeah. I have a hotel reservation for us."

A ringing noise made my ears wiggle. That's what I do when I am nervous. Hotel. Reservation. For. Us.
"Uh. Rain check. I don't do road trips."
"You do. Last time I checked, you enjoyed going on the road."
I paused, searching for an incredible lie. " Well, Doc Rio told me to take it easy. I told him how queasy I feel after an hour."
"Uh..Medical Records say that you are perfectly fine.."
"Are you stalking me?"
"I'm not at you're window."
"Then stop searching me!"
Renaldo laughed. "Hey, I'm just firing shots back at you. I came prepared for what you had in store."
I felt uneasy. The way he said it was casual.
"I want to see you. Can we Skype?"

I turned on my old Dell laptop.  I hit the Skype icon and his face was popped of the dusty screen. I don't use it unless I Skype or E-mail my teachers. I text and take Instagram pics on my new Windows.
"Sparks. You still look fine." He licked his bow shaped lips.
I blushed. "Please."
"I'm kidding!" He laughed. He was drinking Cola and popping Mentos. He liked the rush of adrenaline, he told me.
"So, what are you doing?"
"I am Skyping you and that's all. I thought you were busy."
"Oh..." I paused.
"I knew you were just feeling awkward. I'll pick you up around 6:30. Capish?"
I nodded.

Renaldo made it at 6:29. He was in a pressed Polo-styled Tee shirt, rugged pants, and a black belt. He was looking attractive tonight. I hope that I could sneak in a kiss. He looked so huggable. I wrapped my arms around him. We leave the house.
His arm was 6 Mississippi's down my back. I was flushed. He looked at me. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah. Cool beans."

We made it to the movie on time. I sat beside him. The movie was an action romance. There was a kiss scene and Renaldo stared at me.
He said something and leaned in.
He kissed me. Aggressively. AAAH!
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I want to make ship art
on June 23, 2017
Aaah! Lol
Does she like him or not? She hopes she can sneak in a kiss but goes aah when he kisses her
on March 12, 2014
on March 11, 2014