Tunnels of Darkness

Tunnels of Darkness

Ever wondered were the kids of apprehended dictators and convicted murderers go? They end up at the Mabuz orthonage, an old castle on an otherwise deserted island. The staff at the orthonage don't care about the kids- even when they go missing or die. And a lot of them die. For unknown to all the staff of the school, Mabuz has an underworld- an almost endless series of passages where wars have been fought and lives have been changed... And lost.

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Chapter 1.


Leader: Bolt (Snow leopard) F
First deputy: Spark (Ferret) F
Second deputy: Chase (Tasmanian devil) M
Ice (Ethiopian wolf) M
Fuse (Arctic fox) F
Lil (Cat) F
Night (Panther) M
Moon (Otter) F
Squeak (Mouse) M
Blade (Poler bear) F
Breeze (Cougar) M

Leader: Shade (Swallow) M
First deputy: Shell (Swan) F
Second deputy: Flex (Hawk) M
Fern (Falcon) M
Swoop (Gannet) F
Toot (Snowfinch) M
Wind (Albatross) F
Blood (Eagle) M
Fluff (Peacock) F
Red (Robin) F
Sky (Barn owl) M
Craw (Vulture) F

Leader: Claw (Cobra) M
First Deputy: Fall (Marsh crocodile) F
Second Deputy: Tris (Copperhead snake) F
Ko (Komodo dragon) M
Lace (Monitor lizard) F
Lance (Adder) M
Dew (Alligator snapping turtle) F
Liz (Frilled lizard) F
Scar (Gharial) M
Olf (Saltwater crocodile) M
Death (Black mamba) M

Leader: Fin (Red deer) M
First deputy: Star (Zebra) F
Second deputy: Gale (Stag) M
Light (Alpaca) F
Scree (Antelope) M
Arg (Bison) M
Kai (Camel) M
Heat (Giraffe) F
Hail (hippopotamus) F
Splash (Impala) F
Lex (Moose) F

Leader: Thax: (Lemon shark) M
First Deputy: Earth (Salmon) F
Second Deputy: Cloud (Angelfish) F
Thim (Electric eel) M
Cold (Sailfish) F
Blue (Tiger shark) M
Streak (catfish) F
Charge (Ray) M
Bli (Blue ring octopus) F
Tang (Minnow) F
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