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Does anyone know how the dino sapien tv series ended?
Ages ago I used to watch a tv program called Dino sapien. But I never got to see the last few episodes and as a result I don't know how it ended. Does anyone know?
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Please could someone explain Sonic to me?
I really like the sound of Sonic stuff, but I don't know much about it. Please could someone explain it to me?
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Do you find the His Dark Materials series ending disappointing?
A while ago, I started reading the Northern Lights. I loved it and read all the other books as well. However, I think the ending is a little weak. Am I the only person with this opinion?
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What do you say to someone who's Dads just died?
My American cousin's dad just died, and she is coming to visit soon. What do I say to her? I really don't want to offend her of anything.
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How long does it normally take you to do your homework?
At my school, we hardly get anytime to do what we want at home since we get so much homework. Is it the same at other school? (I'm not thinking of changing schools, I'm just interested.)
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What school subjects do you like and which do you not like?
I'm interested to know what subject people like and don't like at school, because I have noticed that at my school, people tend to like certain subjects more than others.
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