A different dimension

A different dimension

This is a story where you need to decide what to next! The story is about you (yourself) who is moving to a new town but they meet a twin from a different dimension. This is my first story so enjoy! More will come soon! (Note! All the names of the towns are made up)

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Chapter 1.

The news

        One bright sunny morning you wake up to the sounds of birds singing. The sun is shining bright. It is the first day July and you have so much plans to do such as summer camps and other fun things. Your very excited to start your summer vacation! You run down stairs to the kitchen and see that you parents are talking. They seem kind of worried. You ask" Whats wrong?""Um.., Honey" Says your mom "there is something that we need to tell you""W-what?" you say nervously. You know something is going on. But what? "We are...moving!" Your dad says. Your happiness drops. "We are moving because of a job transfer" says your mom. "When? What about all the summer camps and everything?" You say worriedly. "We are moving..." Your heart thumps."In 2 weeks!" says your dad. "What?? That's hardly any time!" "Honey if you focus on packing it will not be so bad." says your mom. "OK..." you mumble. It's so not fair! You will be only in one camp, Thank fully your favorite; art camp. Your parents have a relived look. You run upstairs. All the birds stopped singing.

If you decide to text your best friend the news go to chapter 2

If you decide to pack go to chapter 3
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Thank you for reading! more will come soon!
on June 07, 2015