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Yes I am doing this. A story on puns. I am this bored. Most of these are probably not mine so I don't own most on these puns. Enjoy these puns! ^-^
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Always Invisible
Everything was boring. Until one day everything changed. I was now.. Invisible.
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The Land of Hedoka
In the land of Hedoka, mermaids, elf's, faeries, pixie, witches, warlocks, spirit animals, deamons and Kemi ( people with elemental powers) roam free. That is until a dark force comes over and create chaos over the land. It's u...
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Completely Still
A story made by one of my friends so she asked me if I can post it on q feast. I always thought of myself as normal. I have friends, I don't chew my nails and I am not a weirdo. But at the back of my mind I knew I was not norma...
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Advice Column
Welcome! Here is advice that can help you when you need it! Hope you enjoy!
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The Daily Blog
This is a story about a girl named Shannon who starts up a bog! Hope you enjoy this story!
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Diary of an otaku
This is a dairy of a girl named Katie who is an otaku. Hope you enjoy this story!
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A different dimension
This is a story where you need to decide what to next! The story is about you (yourself) who is moving to a new town but they meet a twin from a different dimension. This is my first story so enjoy! More will come soon! (Note!...
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