Always Invisible

Always Invisible

Everything was boring. Until one day everything changed. I was now.. Invisible.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Life was boring. So boring in fact I wished that something weird would happen. Something so weird it would change my life. The way I look at it and all.

I stared at my tv looking at a chocolate commercial and sighed. Is this how I am going to spend my whole summer vacation? It's been raining for 3 days straight and I was tired of it. I turned of the tv and headed up stairs. I was going to check my I pad if anyone texted me. Anything just anything right now could save my boredom.

Then it hit me. I started to feel light headed and confused. I felt numb everywhere. Then everything went blank. All I saw was black. What was going to happen?

After what felt like hours I woke up. I was in my room. I quickly glanced at my clock wondering how long I have been asleep for. The clock showed 4:30. That made no since cause the last time I saw a clock it showed, 5:00. I must of been a day asleep. I quickly standed up relieved to feel normal. Though something was odd.

I saw my mom in the kitchen reading. I expected her to look up at me but she continued to read the news paper. I went up to her about to tap her shoulder when I heard a faint "Don't touch her!". I looked around quickly wondering who said that. Then I noticed my mom still reading. I was standing beside her, why did she not notice me? I cleared my throat and said "hey mom!" Nothing. No reaction. What was going on? I waved my hand in front of my mom but she did not even notice it.

I ran to the basement, to my dad. He was there getting ready to stand up. "Hey dad! Something is wrong with mom. Can you tell me-" I got caught off when my dad just walked past me. Oh no not him too!

I followed my dad, who still did not notice me and when he went to the kitchen he said to my mom, "hey let's check if Eve is ok..." My mom nodded. This made no sense! I was right here!

"Stay calm" said the creepy voice inside my head. My hands begin to shake as my parents left to go to my room. I have decided to follow them when I noticed my self, asleep.  I waved around trying to get my parents attention but they still did not see me.

I noticed that for some reason I was very light. When ever I jumped it made no sound. I jumped on top of my dresser staring at my parents.

I cried. Though no tears came. Why I did not know. For a long period of time I just sat there crying. I did not know what was going on. And all I want to do now... Is cry.
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wow good story i was planning on doing one like it!
on December 25, 2015