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What Is Your Favourite Hamilton Song?
I'm obsessed with Hamilton lately and I'm wondering which songs you guys like! (The drawing above is drawn by me)
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What are some EDM songs that you like?
I Love EDM! Some good songs are: Tristram and Braken, frame of mind Tut tut child, Queen of your heart Hellburg, synchronize And MORE!
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Do you like uniforms or no?
In some schools and at work there are uniforms. Do you like them or not? Do you think they make a difference or are they unnecessary? Please accept other people's opinions.
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How long should weekends be?
The original weekend is 2 days. So two days with no school. In your opinion should the weekend be more then 2 days? The same? Or shorter? Too long weekend is not good too because we still need to lean at school but do you think...
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If you eat yourself do you become twice as big or do you disappear completely?
What song have your heard the most?
Rolling girl- Hatune miku Or Meltdown- Rin
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What do you like more and why? Anime or Cartoons?
What is your favourite sailor moon warrior?
Sailor V or Sailor moon!
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What is your favourite Fairy Tail character?
Mine will remain a secret...
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I was born in the year 2000. The day before yesterday, I was 9, and next year, I will be 12. How is this possible? So, what day is it?
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Did the chicken come first or did the egg?
What came first?
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Does anyone here play osu?
I like to play taiko in osu!
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What are your favourite sweets?
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What is your favourite anime art style?
What I Mean by art style is like I like the art style they used (anime name). Mine would be probably from madoka magica!
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What character should Nintendo add in the next smash bros game?
Only choose one character!
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What is your favourite anime movie? (Not show)
What is you favorite anime movie? Mine would be either spirited away or the Madoka magica movie! (Not the recap movie)
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What magical girl from Madoka magica is your favourite?
What magical girl is your favourite?
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What manga series is your most favourite?
What is your number one favourite manga series?
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